Module B, module C

6370 грн

A module that expands the operation of the main controller module with additional heating circuits.

Модули B и C завершают ряд функций которые реализуются регуляторами ecoMAX800 (исполнение: T, P2, P3), ecoMAXX800 (исполнение: R2, T2, R3, R4), ecoMAX850 (исполнение: P2, R2), ecoMAX860 (исполнение:D1, P1, P2, P3), ecoMAX910R1, ecoMAX920P2 и ecoMAX850I3. Модули не могут работать как автономные устройства. Использование модулей и выполнямых ими функций, зависят от основного регулятора с которым работает модуль. Все настройки для модулей B и C выполняются в главном контроллере.
Module B, module C - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

module B


Modules B and C is a convenient and functional modern module that reflects the concept of "smart home".

module B


Схема подключения модуля B для ecoMAX860 D1, P1:

G1 - RS485 transmission connector for connecting the main module A,

! - connect with two wires only (do not connect four wires, this may damage the regulator),

T1 - mixer temperature sensor (type CT4), T2 - mixer temperature sensor (type CT4),

T - room thermostat (NO-NC), FS - fuel level sensor for hopper feeder operation,

H1 - voltage output,

RELAY - relay (5-6V, max 80mA),

R - reserve boiler,

AL - alarm signaling,

PC - DHW circulation pump, 230V ~ - mains supply,

PM - mixer pump,

CM - mixer drive,

BU - device for feeding fuel from the bunker to the tank in the boiler,

CPU - control,

A - the main regulator,

GR - zero bar.

Equipment that enhances comfort

Интернет-модуль EcoNet приобретается в комплекте с выбранным контроллером для обслуживания pellet burners... Recommended for installation:

This set of digital equipment increases the convenience of controlling the boiler room, the level of comfort in the heated room and helps to further reduce heating costs due to the precise adjustment of heating modes depending on the time of day and day of the week.

Module B, module C - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Internet service

    • Remote control of on-line operation of PLUM devices from a computer via the website ,

    • the ability to control all parameters of heating circuits, ventilation and solar systems, heat pumps and boilers,

    • visual review of the operating state of the selected device and registration of the main parameters of its operation,

    • transparent visualization of device operation in the form of graphs and recording of alarms and data history with the ability to send notifications to an e-mail box.

Module B, module C - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Mobile app

  • Mobile online control of the operation of PLUM devices via a tablet, smartphone, using ecoNET.apk,,

  • viewing and changing the operating parameters of all devices, and hence the heating or ventilation circuits, as well as changing modes and operating schedules.