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Pellet burners FOCUS and boilers

If you want to use pellets for heating, but there is no suitable heating equipment, you can buy pellet burner flare type FOCUS for any solid fuel, diesel and gas boilers.
FOCUS pellet burners are a simple, reliable factory-assembled solution that will allow you to use pellet fuel with high efficiency, without regard to its ash content, and is also environmentally friendly.


Do you want to buy a pellet boiler?

Pellet boiler FOCUS is a universal program-controlled solid fuel heating unit with a FOCUS pellet burner installed in the boiler door, which can be used in any heating mode, depending on the availability of fuel.


Model range "FOCUS"

Solid fuel boilers

Gas generating or pyrolysis boilers designed to burn low-cost fuels with high efficiency. They are classified as long-burning equipment.


Pellet burners FOCUS

FOCUS heating equipment helps to convert boilers to pellets with low installation costs and receive inexpensive heat without gas.


Boilers for pellet burners

Specialized heating equipment for pellet burners allows you to set up automatic operation of a boiler with a power of up to 2.2 MW


Pellet boilers

Solid fuel boilers of industrial type with an external "parked" pellet burner at the door with a total power of 2.2 MW.


Fittings and electronics

Components and electronics provide automatic operation of boiler rooms and supply of heat carrier on demand with a given temperature.


Fogging systems

Needed to create a microclimate with a stable controlled temperature in the outdoor territory of households, in greenhouses, parks and city streets.


Pellet steam generators

FOCUS steam pellet boilers are highly efficient and are designed to produce steam and meet technological production needs.


Self-cleaning pellet boilers

FOCUS pellet boilers with built-in self-cleaning system. The model range is divided into two types of systems.


Components for boilers, climate and fogging systems

Ukrainian-made pellet equipment involves the deployment of installations for space heating from individual modules and components.


Convert production to pellets

If you want to buy a pellet boiler designed for all types of pellets, including high-ash ones made from sunflower husks and lignin, choose the FOCUS solid fuel boiler with a door adapter for a torch pellet burner in a collapsible form factor.

Models Specifications
Pellet fuel - #1 worldwide

Install the burner and boiler,
powered by bio and wood pellets:

Many types of fuel cannot compete with wood pellets in terms of environmental and cost characteristics, but the replacement of heating equipment remains a limitation to the use of renewable fuel raw materials. Buying FOCUS pellet burners, you can convert any type of boiler, gas, diesel, solid fuel, without making structural changes to the heating equipment and heating system.

You can buy pellet burners complete with solid fuel boiler FOCUS, having a door adapter for quick installation and use of the boiler room in two modes, heating the premises with wood or pellets, depending on the availability of the energy resource.

FOCUS pellet boilers are adapted to work with high-ash granules from sunflower husks and lignin.

They are undemanding to the quality of granules. Provide complete combustion of pellets due to volumetric combustion. And they are already used in Ukraine for heating residential, administrative premises and industries to obtain inexpensive heat without gas.

Significant savings will be a pleasant bonus for buyers, since a minimum amount of raw materials is required to achieve a high coolant temperature. Significantly less than for the boiler furnace with solid fuel. Savings compared to gas today is at least 50% per kilowatt of energy.

FOCUS offers high quality pellet burners at competitive prices, which will be a good help to owners of houses, farms and geographically remote industries.


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FOCUS pellet burners can be purchased complete with solid fuel boiler FOCUSwith a door adapter for fast installation.




    Solid fuel boiler with burner door adapter


    Pellet burners FOCUS flare type


    Working since 2010

    FireBox sells heating boilers of its own production, devoid of the disadvantages of burning pellets, which are typical for foreign models. First of all, flare pellet burners provide the process of burning pellets of any quality, including high-ash, without damage to the equipment.

    The set of pellet boilers includes a solid fuel boiler, a FOCUS pellet burner, a pellet hopper, a feeder and electronics that allow the pellet burner to be adjusted to create a comfortable microclimate.

    Full production cycle

    At its base, FireBox conducts design, assembly and testing standard and individual boiler rooms with automation and options for remote control of equipment.

    Microcontroller control guarantees a level of comfort similar to gas heating. But you get cheap heat without gas with a saving of at least 50%, including the use of self-made pellets.

    Pellet boilers FOCUS can provide warmth to Off Gride homes.

    Design changes can be made to any boiler at the request of the customer.



    Areas of application where FOCUS solid fuel boilers are already successfully operating and provide cheap heat without gas.

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    We adapt the standard design of the boiler house to the requirements of the customer, we sell FOCUS pellet burners and other heating equipment.


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