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Pellet boiler or FOCUS burners

What is a pellet boiler? And how is a pellet burner different from it? The whole point is that pellet heating equipment is a kind of solid fuel boiler with a built-in burner and a pellet feed device.

Мы предлагаем по доступным ценам пеллетные горелки FOCUS, способные работать с любыми типами котлов. Пеллетные котлы – это модульное отопительное оборудование с высоким уровнем автоматизации, которое имеет высокую цену. Фактически горелка может обеспечить равноценные режимы работы дровяных и пеллетных котлов и  чистым теплом крупные магазины и торговые центры. При этом продукция имеет демократичную цену.

Pellet burners FOCUS позволяют перейти на выгодное отопление топливными гранулами без дополнительных затрат. Любое устройство из ассортимента рассчитано на диапазон мощности от 17 кВт до 500 кВт, что позволяет адаптировать котельную под любые задачи.

The automatic feeding device is structurally realized with the help of two hoppers and a feeding auger. Pellet feeding can be carried out in automatic mode. The pellet burner model depends on the required power, it contains all the necessary additions that make the heating equipment structurally simple and functional. The design of the hopper, heat exchanger, auger can be adapted to specific tasks and conditions in order to achieve high efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of maintenance.

Install a pellet burner:

Advantages of pellet boilers

Pellet boilers have a number of advantages over other heating equipment:

The design of the hopper, heat exchanger and the pellet boiler model itself may differ depending on the selected brand. But the main advantage is high efficiency. Pellet boilers are considered one of the most efficient types of heating equipment due to volumetric combustion technology and undemanding fuel quality.

If you decide to buy a pellet boiler, then along with it, pay attention to long burning boilers. They also have high efficiency, but are inferior to equipment using fuel pellets. Structurally, some models represent a conventional solid fuel boiler with a hopper for loading fuel and a burner for burning pellets. This principle implies that the pellet burner can be connected to any solid fuel boiler.

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Heat the store without gas and excessive costs

Automatic pellet boilers provide fuel supply, which depends on the design of the hopper and its volume. The pellet burner can be equipped with a screw of an individual design, which corresponds to the parameters of the boiler room.

Surely there will be opponents of this approach, claiming that a branded pellet boiler is better. This is undoubtedly the case, but the used volumetric combustion technology in many cases smooths out the structural disadvantages of pellet boilers of some models.

Disadvantages of pellet boilers:
The price, not always convenient dimensions, the need to completely dismantle the existing heating equipment are the problem of modular pellet installations.

Pellet burners FOCUS
instead of expensive pellet boilers

What are the advantages for supermarkets and shops when buying a FOCUS pellet burner:

On the site FIREBOX.COM.UA, you can familiarize yourself with the available models and get advice on the choice of heating equipment.

Any FOCUS pellet burner will help you switch without any structural changes to the solid fuel and diesel boiler and the extra costs for wood pellets. 

The attachment is mounted on the door and equipped with an adapter for feeding pellets with auger. The boiler room will not undergo significant changes, but it will become more efficient. The buyer of the burner needs to decide on the degree of automation and the type of fuel loading before placing an order.

What awaits you in comparison with pellet boilers: