Air and water
heating greenhouses

FOCUS pellet burners

Efficient industrial greenhouse heating combines ground heating with ground radiators and air heating in combination with fan heaters. You can find out how this is implemented in practice on this page.

When the greenhouse is heated with water heating, significant heat loss is observed, therefore, in practice, in greenhouse farms, the temperature is maintained by air. This type of heating is more efficient than infrared, electric and gas in poorly insulated structures, which are greenhouses.

If we recall the not very distant past, then in the old days, stove heating was used to heat greenhouses, laying long chimneys under the ground. Combined with daylight sunshine, this was sufficient for early agro-activities starting as early as February of the planting year.

Modern winter greenhouses are heated using ground radiators and fan heaters with water heating. This can be accomplished with a hybrid system that mixes hot air with air masses in the greenhouse. Temperature control and monitoring is carried out using sensors. Air heating can be used for polycarbonate and foil greenhouses.

Arrange air heating for the greenhouse
with a pellet burner:

Greenhouse heating scheme

Usually, greenhouse owners prefer electric heating, which is also used to heat the ground using the "warm floor" technology. An alternative is infrared heating, which creates conditions similar in physical characteristics to the characteristics of sunlight. 

However, this is of little use in industrial greenhouses due to the high costs. For this reason, the manufacturer of pellet burners FOCUS offers three types of heating systems to owners of small and large greenhouses.

In industrial greenhouses, the listed types of heating are combined.

The most profitable heating for greenhouses:

What are the advantages of heating a greenhouse with a FOCUS pellet burner

When the soil is heated, large heat losses are always observed, so the greenhouse economy must be heated from a cheap heat source, and not by gas appliances. The greenhouse is heated with a water circuit, the heat carrier for which is prepared using a boiler heat exchanger with a pellet burner.

Such solutions are suitable for maintaining the air temperature of industrial greenhouses in combination with water-cooled fan heaters.

Benefits of using a pellet burner:

When calculating insulation, you should definitely pay attention to greenhouse structures. In some cases, the use of heat pumps will be beneficial, but we propose to replace the expensive technology with air heating based on the FOCUS pellet burner. When constructing a water perimeter under the ground, it is necessary to pay attention to the creation of a heat storage cushion. Such greenhouses will keep warm better in winter.

High-quality heating is also possible in polycarbonate and foil greenhouses when using air heating. Contact the specialists of the FOREBOX.COM.UA website for heating schemes and calculations. The consultants will individually select the optimal system parameters for you.


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