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Pellet burners FOCUS

FOCUS pellet burners are designed taking into account the requirements of consumers and are automatic, self-cleaning heating equipment that is used to modify previously purchased boilers without making any structural changes to them. This additional module is specially designed for converting the boiler room to granular fuel (wood pellets and pellets).
With the help of FOCUS pellet burners, gas, diesel and solid fuel boilers can be converted without additional costs. This will allow the individual heating system to be switched to autonomous mode, connected to analog sensors and a control panel. The burners are designed for different capacities and are used to organize individual heating of small private households, utilities, industries and residential complexes, providing savings on heating.
Users can control and monitor the boiler using the Android app. FOCUS pellet burners are designed to integrate with FOCUS gas-fired boilers, which use the latest engineering developments of our production company.
The FOCUS pellet burner is mounted on a specially prepared site and supplied in a modular design.

Domestic pellet burners FOCUS 17- 90 kW

The switch to wood pellets when heating small private houses is also arousing increased consumer interest. This is primarily due to the low price of pellets and their manufacture from a variety of raw materials. Fuel pellets made from lignin and waste from wheat, flax and hemp have appeared on the market. They have a fairly low cost and increase efficiency, while maintaining the high efficiency that household burners are characterized by. When buying pellet mills, farmers get the opportunity to produce fuel on their own.
Private homeowners can also significantly reduce heating costs by using FOCUS household pellet burners. With their help, it is possible to modernize the installed solid fuel boiler and make the boiler room remotely controlled.
Household models can be realized as automatic and semi-automatic devices. The supply of pellet granules is carried out using additional equipment, also manufactured by our company. At the request of the customer, a control system with access to an Android application is installed, as well as climate control, which automates the switching on and off of the boiler.

Pellet burners FOCUS 100 - 200 kW

Modern pellet burners FOCUS 100 - 200 kW are designed for servicing semi-industrial boiler houses. With their help, it is possible to establish automatic, uninterrupted and climate-dependent heating of offices, small industries and private houses with a backyard. The offered heating equipment is ideally integrated with pellet boilers FOCUS , but can also be installed on any boiler without making any structural changes.

These pellet burners FOCUS 100-200 kW can successfully serve two-three-storey houses, individual heating systems for office premises and production halls. The devices are fully automatic and self-cleaning, controlled by a controller, which can be accessed by mobile communication.

Pellet burners FOCUS 100-200 kW allow you to convert any solid fuel, gas and diesel boilers for heating with pellets. If necessary, equipment for feeding granules and other options are purchased. This heating equipment makes it possible to reduce the cost of heating premises in the winter and significantly increase the efficiency of the fuel being burned.

Pellet burners FOCUS 300-2000 kW

Pellet flare burners FOCUS 300-2000 kW are an ideal semi-industrial engineering solution for boiler houses of small apartment buildings and industries. The difference between this heating equipment is the low cost of implementation.

The price of a pellet burner includes everything you need except for additional devices for fuel supply and some options. For installation, only an additional site is required, while no other design changes are provided, which usually significantly increase the cost of modifying the boiler room.

Models of pellet burners FOCUS 300-2000 kW are fully automatic and self-cleaning devices. When purchasing additional equipment and a remote monitoring system using an Android application, the process of heating houses, buildings and industries can be fully automated.

Utilities can use software for remote control stations for heating equipment. At the same time, it remains possible to automatically turn on and off the boiler when the air temperature drops below the permissible parameters.

Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 250 kW FOCUS


Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 17 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 25 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 50 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 75 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 90 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 100 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 150 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 200 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 300 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burner 400 kW FOCUS

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