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For heating a country house built using frame technology, experts recommend using air heating. Heating of premises with air flows turns out to be more profitable and efficient than other technologies. With the help of air masses, rooms, stairwells and even open areas in front of the house can be heated faster. With such efficiency, shown by air heating, no heating device can cope with it, which prepares the coolant for other types of heating.

Air heating is especially effective in conservatories, conservatories and fully glazed living spaces. This is felt especially well in rapidly cooling objects at negative air temperatures outside.

The classic ducted hot air supply system is more economical than heat pumps. It allows you to combine ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems in residential premises. The technology does not require the use of gas boilers that do not effectively heat the air. In this case, the most optimal is the use of a pellet flare burner, which allows you to continuously heat the air at low cost.

Organize air heating of a frame house
with a pellet burner:

How to organize the heating system of a frame house?

For heating a frame house, the equipment is installed in the basement or in a boiler room deepened into the ground. The wiring is carried out through the air ducts in the rooms above the boiler room. Hot air is supplied from the holes in the floor, rises upward, heating the premises. The air intake is installed on the ceiling where cold air collects.

The use of gas boilers for air heating is not effective due to the low combustion intensity. You can heat the air using an electric boiler or using water heaters. However, the efficiency of such systems is low, and the costs are significant. For air climatic heating systems for private houses, public and shopping centers, industrial premises in Europe it is customary to use pellet burners of flare type.

Advantages of a pellet burner for air heating:

The FOCUS pellet burner allows you to efficiently service air heating circuits of any complexity. Savings are achieved thanks to the precise settings and burner regulation by the built-in microprocessor.

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Advantages of the supply ventilation system
with heating system

Air heating for frame house

Heating with hot air makes it possible to abandon natural ventilation in favor of supply ventilation, which also ensures energy saving of the generated heat. A properly organized heating system with warm air for warm living quarters brings any structure closer to a passive house. Passivation of insulated and constructed buildings allows you to reduce heating costs to a minimum. Air heating maintains a healthy living environment well.

Air as a source of thermal energy is considered to be more environmentally friendly and beneficial for the human body. Does not require additional installation of radiators and infrared heaters. The power of the equipment depends on the volume and degree of insulation of the premises.

Pellet burners FOCUS 100 - 200 kW

Questions and answers

Interesting facts about FOCUS pellet burners

Is air heating suitable for closed terraces and garages?

Yes, and the absence of radiators not only does not spoil the interior, but also frees up free space.
Can FOCUS pellet burners heat half-timbered houses with solid glazing?

Yes, pellet burners will provide constant air circulation and efficient heating even when energy savings are insufficient. You can save not on heat, but on fuel costs and due to high efficiency.
Does a torch burner cope with heating in cold weather?

At low air temperatures, the FOCUS pellet burner works almost at full capacity and fully satisfies the needs of the residents. The air heating system also recirculates air in the living area and humidifies it when additional equipment is installed.

The main advantages of a flare burner for air heating:

Cons of air heating:

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