Fog systems: purpose, principle of operation, unique advantages

Fog systems: purpose, principle of operation, unique advantages - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Fogging systems: purpose, principle of operation, unique advantages

Fog is the result of condensation of water vapor in the air, i.e. transition of steam to a liquid state. Such an atmospheric phenomenon is observed when the smallest droplets of water accumulate, as a result of which a small cloud or a continuous curtain is formed in the immediate vicinity of the earth's surface. In addition to natural fog, there is the concept of artificial fog, which is generated using fogging systems. This multi-part equipment atomizes water to a fine level (from 15 microns in diameter) through medium and high pressure nozzles. The fogging nozzles can be located under the ceiling, around or along the perimeter of the object, or in another suitable area of the object.

The main purpose of the application fogging systems - microclimate control by cooling and humidifying the air, suppressing dust and protecting against insects (they do not like high humidity). Reducing dust and removing unwanted odors makes it easier to breathe such air, which is why the fogging system should not be considered as a conventional air cooling system, but rather as a generator of a comfortable microclimate.

By the principles of physics

For water to evaporate into the air, it needs warmth. Namely - 2272 kJ of heat for evaporation of 1 liter of water. This amount of heat is expended both in the domestic use of gas and electric stoves, and in the natural evaporation of water. It turns out that in order to cool the air, it is necessary that it quickly transfer its heat to the water, after which evaporation will occur. How do you achieve this with a fogging system?

If you pour 1 liter of water into the air, there will be no desired effect, since the water will immediately appear on the surface of the earth and will evaporate for several hours. It is possible to achieve evaporation of water in the air in a few seconds by spraying water into the smallest droplets, as is done fogging systems... Water will take the same amount of heat from the air - 2272 kJ. The air is humidified and cooled as it transfers its heat to water and contains steam. At the same time, puddles and wetting do not form on the surface of the earth and nearby objects. Moisture does not condense, as it has time to quickly evaporate in the air.

Fog system composition

The fogging system kit mainly consists of:
• pumping unit;
• hose systems;
• water filters;
• highways (15 meters);
• a set of spray nozzles (in our equipment - from 15 to 30 pcs.);
• a fan that disperses fog;
• high pressure ball valves;
• drain valve;
• control panel.

Also in the kit you can find tees, elbows, couplings. No expensive tools are required for installation.

How does the fogging system work?

The algorithm of operation of fogging equipment can be divided into several stages:

1) water supply by a pump to the tubes;
2) the passage of water through the tubes to the nozzles;
3) water spraying with nozzles.

Finely dispersed water instantly evaporates in the air, thereby cooling it. At the same time, there is no feeling of high air humidity. For irrigation purposes, large spray mist nozzles are used.

The degree of air cooling depends on natural factors: temperature and initial air humidity. In dry and hot weather, the fogging system can reduce the air temperature by 15 degrees. In conditions of high humidity and coolness, the result will be less significant, since the water has nowhere to evaporate and there is nowhere to take heat. You can notice how morning fog cools the air and makes it humid in a dry, warm area, but it is almost not felt near the river.

Therefore, at some sites it is better to use medium pressure fogging systems, at others - higher. Before installing the equipment, it is worthwhile to analyze the object in detail and correctly design the system for optimal results. The specialists of our company will gladly take on all these tasks.

Fogging system control

Air cooling with fog can be carried out in turbo mode or automatically. A cyclic timer (time relay) allows you to set the required intervals of equipment operation: by hours, days, phases of the day. The user himself regulates the work in cycles or in the work-pause mode.
In addition, a humidity sensor works on the principle of a thermostat. Fogging equipment can be started when a certain lower limit of air humidity is reached and stop working as soon as the desired upper limit is reached. For complex tasks, a combined set of control sensors is used.

Scope of application of fog systems

Especially relevant fogging for a cafe. If the air conditioner helps to cope with the unbearable stuffiness and heat inside this institution, then outside the premises you need to look for an alternative. Due to the increased comfort of being in the fresh air (a competitive advantage!), The cafe fogger automatically becomes a "magnet" for new customers, even if they did not initially plan to visit this establishment. Artificial fog is also in demand for restaurants. No extra odors and insects, fresh chilled air is the best conditions in the hot season. Bright multi-colored illumination will help to enhance the effect.

Mist-forming installations create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Air cooling systems for terraces, artificial fog for gazebos, verandas and recreation areas will remove dust and create a pleasant feeling of freshness. Thanks to the system of manual regulation of humidity and intensity of work, the fogging system for the gazebo will allow you to set your own comfortable temperature regime and will become an exclusive addition to the exterior that your guests will certainly appreciate.

Fog systems: purpose, principle of operation, unique advantages - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

An important practical function is played by the fogging system for greenhouses. The correct organization of the air humidification system is one of the key conditions for good yields. This is especially true when growing rare plants and tropical crops. Greenhouse artificial fog is used for both private and industrial purposes and on a scale. In this way, the owner of the greenhouse can provide optimal moisture for all crops and at the same time significantly save water consumption.

Hot shops, blacksmiths, metalworking and refineries - in these conditions, fog systems contribute to increased productivity and profitability of the enterprise. The installation of such equipment is advisable, in particular, at facilities with bulk materials.
Agribusiness, animal husbandry, landscaping, water parks, beaches, greenhouses, winter gardens - nowadays, fog machines are installed everywhere.

Fog systems: purpose, principle of operation, unique advantages - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial


Conclusions: why is an artificial fog system worth using?

So, to summarize all the key benefits of the decision to buy fogging systems for personal and commercial use:

• significant decrease in air temperature during the hot season;
• increasing air humidity and creating a comfortable microclimate;
• increasing the aesthetic appeal and exclusivity of the site;
• increase in customer traffic in public institutions;
• dryness of the ground surface during and after the operation of the system (systems with nozzle valves do not allow water to drain through the lower nozzles);
• the ability to manually adjust the temperature and humidity indicators;
• timer for automatic start and stop of the air cooling process;
• reducing the cost of irrigation;
• increasing the productivity of the working process in production.

It is also worth noting that the microclimate created by such a street cooling system has a beneficial effect on human health and well-being, since it allows you to breathe fresh, dust-free air, and reduces the risk of bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.
The disadvantages of the system are the high price compared to other typical cooling systems, as well as the difficult installation process, which is better to involve specialists. In our company you will find optimal prices for equipment and installation services.

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