Energy efficient pumps for solid fuel boiler rooms. Is it worth it or not?

Increasingly, the word "energy saving" sounds on the Ukrainian market, but what content it carries, we usually evaluate based on emotions, and do not pay attention to numbers. But if you take a separate segment of the equipment that we use in furnaces and figure out in detail where there is "energy saving" and scale within the framework of our mother Ukraine, then the numbers will be more than impressive.

Another aspect that should be paid attention to, today is the compliance of projects with current legislation. At the moment there are several documents in force that already require the use of energy-efficient pumps with a wet rotor, as an alternative to all of us the usual 3-speed ones, namely the latest revision of the DBN and "Technical regulations regarding the requirements for ecodesign of self-contained circulation pumps and sealless compasses integrated into the device", according to which from September 2022. 3-speed pumps are not officially marketed and wet rotor pumps must meet an EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) ≤ 0.2. In this article, we will not go into the study of legislation and regulatory documents, but consider the practical effect of using energy efficient pumps and try to understand whether this makes sense.

As an example, I took one of the projects, the input data:

Object type: car wash.

Location: Zaporizhzhia.

Boiler type to be installed: Focus 100 kW.

Necessary operating parameters of the pumps according to the project:

Boiler circuit: Q = 5.47 m3 / h, H = 5.29m.

Heating circuit: Q = 3.0m3 / h, H = 6.0m.

Ventilation unit contour: Q = 2.8 m3 / h, H = 4.0 m.

Recirculation circuit: Q = 0.5 m3 / h, H = 0.8m.

Consider two options for the boiler room configuration:

1) using 3-speed pumps;

2) When using energy efficient pumps

The qualities of a pump supplier, consider the company IMP PUMPS doo.It is a company from Slovenia that has been specializing in the production of pumps for heating and water supply systems for more than 75 years and has a wide product line.

We make a selection according to the first option:

- Boiler circuit: Q = 5.47 m3 / h, H = 5.29m - GHN 32 / 120-180 (3rd speed, P = 265 W)

- Heating circuit: Q = 3.0 m3 / h, H = 6.0 m - GHN 32 / 80-180 (3rd speed, P = 210 W)

- Ventilation unit circuit: Q = 2.8 m3 / h, H = 4.0 m GHN 32 / 80-180 (2nd speed, P = 160 W)

- recirculation circuit: Q = 0.5 m3 / h, H = 0.8m - SAN 15 / 40-130 (1st speed, P = 40 W)

The total installed power for this variant is: 675.00 W.

We make a selection according to option number 2:

- Boiler circuit: Q = 5.47 m3 / h, H = 5.29m - NMT SMART 32 / 80-180 (3rd speed, P = 150 W)

- Heating circuit: Q = 3.0 m3 / h, H = 6.0 m - NMT MINI 32 / 100-180 (3rd speed, P = 90 W)

- Ventilation unit circuit: Q = 2.8 m3 / h, Н = 4.0 m NMT SMART 32 / 40-180 (2nd speed, P = 70 W)

- recirculation circuit: Q = 0.5 m3 / h, H = 0.8 m - SAN ECO PRO 15/15 B (1st speed, P = 9 W)

The total installed power for the second option is: 319.00 W.

The difference between the first and second options is: 356 watts.

The average duration of the heated season in Zaporozhye is 157 days.

The average electricity tariff for commercial consumers is 4.5 UAH. for 1kW * h

Let's calculate the average annual potential savings when using energy efficient pumps:

Savings: 0.356 kW * 24 h * 157 days = 1341.408 kW * h

In monetary terms: 1341.408 kW * h * 4.5 UAH. = 6036.33 UAH for 1 heating season.

Investment when using 3-speed pumps is: 1115.96 euros.

The investment for energy efficient pumps is € 1,696.57.

The difference in the amount of investment is 580.61 euros.

The course today is: UAH 30.38. for 1 euro.

Let's calculate the payback period: 580.61 euros * 30.38 UAH / 6036.33 UAH = 2.92 heating season.

We see that the payback period when using energy efficient pumps is quite fast, in 3 seasons we will fully return the investment and begin to get the effect.

This is, of course, an approximate calculation, and in each particular case, the payback period may vary, this calculation is made only with the aim of making such big words as "Energy saving and energy efficiency" more visible.

This calculation also does not take into account the additional benefits of energy efficient pumps:

- potential for additional energy savings due to automatic modulation of operating parameters depending on the load

- the presence of a large number of protections in contrast to 3-speed pumps

- some models are already equipped with thermal insulation, which increases the efficiency of your system

- reducing the capacity of the batteries or the power of the generator to ensure uninterrupted operation of the heating system.

- an increase in the electricity tariff.

Energy efficient pumps for solid fuel boiler rooms. Is it worth it or not? - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrialTo familiarize yourself with the range of energy efficient pumps, you can go to link to the IMP PUMPS doo website where you can get acquainted with the range, technical characteristics and select a pump in online.

The choice in which half of the field is, of course, yours and the investors, we just wanted to demonstrate that energy efficiency is not just a conversation over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, but really events and equipment that can have an effect with a quick payback period.

If you have any questions regarding the products of IMP PUMPS doo, you can contact our authorized partner in Zaporozhye, the Teplostar company.


representative of IMP PUMPS doo in Ukraine

Surzhik Vitaly