Efficient industrial
heating without gas

Based on FOCUS pellet flare burner

Когда упоминается промышленное отопление, то речь идет о системах обогрева цехов, складов, ангаров с высотой потолков до 20 м. Такой объем помещения вызывает существенные затруднения в выборе технологического подхода, также требовательного к стоимости топлива и обеспечивающего высокий КПД. Pellet burners FOCUS с диапазоном мощности от 17 до 500 кВт являются оптимальным решением для организации автономного отопления без газа для производственных предприятий и складских помещений.

Approaches to installing heating appliances can be different. Pellet burners can prepare the heating medium for radiator circuits, underfloor heating, fan heaters or space heaters. The most optimal approach for workshops and rooms with high ceilings is considered to be the installation of air-heated ceiling heaters and radiators near workplaces. Such a system can be successfully implemented with a FOCUS pellet burner and provide profitable and inexpensive heating without gas for industrial facilities.

Organize the heating of the enterprise
with a pellet burner:

Industrial systems are mainly represented by air heating, which can be supplemented with hot water or infrared heating near workplaces. Typically, in factories, stand-alone solutions are preferred, so high power pellet burners are the ideal choice for industrial buildings.

Advantages of pellet burners in industrial heating:

Pellet burners for industrial plants

Heating with wood pellets is developing in countries without gas access. First of all, among the island states. This is especially effective if there is an agro-industrial production in the country, the by-products of which are processed into pellets. Ukrainian producers can also switch to this economical type of fuel due to the availability of fuel pellets.

Approaches in the organization of industrial heating

For heating warehouses, production halls, when choosing heating equipment, they are guided by the principle of economy. In industrial buildings, it is impossible to provide uniform heating of the entire volume of premises, therefore, local heat sources are used for this. Many industries choose radiant heating operating in the long wavelength range, as well as autonomous systems.

Each of these approaches has its own characteristics and advantages, but FOCUS pellet burners differ in that they can be connected to almost any chosen solution without making any structural changes.

Heating equipment FOCUS in industrial buildings can provide a heat carrier with any selected heating system. Pellet burners from 17 to 500 kW can be connected to existing systems and increase the efficiency of the installed boiler.

Types of industrial heating systems:

FOCUS pellet burners can successfully serve industrial hybrid heating systems that include all of the listed technologies.

Industrial consulting

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Advantages of heating without gas on pellets:

Industrial connection diagram
pellet burner systems

Here is an example of deploying a heating system in a warehouse where it is required to achieve the optimal temperature.

Heating methods:

The cost of equipment for installation includes a FOCUS pellet burner (power depends on the area and height of the ceilings of the workshops). Fan heaters with a water circuit can be used.

This approach allows you to reduce startup costs and ensure efficient heating and optimal warehouse temperatures throughout the entire operating period. Climate control allows you to control heating depending on the weather.

Industrial heating system without gas on FOCUS pellet burners with climate control,


Industrial air heating for heating is used to heat industrial premises. Pellet burners with automatic pellet feeding screws are an alternative to gas equipment and can be connected to any heating boiler. They can provide steam and water heating with hot coolant.

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