Long burning boiler
with pellet burner

In the heat supply of gas stations

Long-burning boilers can be compared with gas in terms of efficiency and comfort of operation, and in terms of fuel availability, respectively, with solid fuel boilers. The simplest design of such boiler equipment is distinguished by a volumetric combustion chamber for laying firewood. But pyrolysis boilers are also on sale, in which not only the thermal energy of solid fuel combustion, but also the heat of the gases released, is used to heat the coolants.

On sale you can find such heating units with bottom and top combustion, with a capacity of 6 to 100 kW. The models differ in the location and design of a cast-iron or steel heat exchanger that heats the water coolant. Among consumers, such wood-fired boilers are popular due to their efficiency and low cost.

Despite the rather high power and ease of use, and such a one-time laying of firewood keeps the boiler burning from 6 hours to 8 days, long-burning boilers can be upgraded. This can be done with a pellet burner, which will act as a self-ignited fire source.

Если вы недовольны тепловой мощностью котла длительного горения и других отопительных приборов, но хотите установить эффективную систему с регулировкой температуры теплоносителя, установите pellet burner FOCUS.

You can expand your capabilities and abandon the more expensive gas-fired boiler. At lower costs, you can achieve high efficiency on a classic solid fuel boiler. At the same time, air heating, which is most suitable for gas stations, will require a specialized installation with a pellet burner for burning fuel.

Organize the heating of the gas station using
pellet burner:

A pellet burner is better than a boiler
long burning in gas station heating?

Gas stations are built as remote facilities that require autonomous heating. Autonomy and economy are the main requirements when choosing heating equipment, since at gas stations it is also necessary to heat open street objects.

The main needs of the gas station for heat:

The most costly in terms of heat consumption will be heating the client area, since we are talking about open spaces and street heating. In this case, heated air and air heating are used.

A pellet burner can provide for gas stations:

Mine boiler design
long burning, comparison with pyrolysis

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Among long-burning boilers, Kholmov's design models are especially popular among consumers. These are mine units with vertical loading of firewood.

The heating circuit is at the bottom and always heats up during combustion. This design allows you to abandon automatic feed and choose an inexpensive but effective solid fuel boiler, in which firewood is laid no more than 1-2 times a day. This is quite enough for high-quality heating of the premises of individual houses. The duration of combustion is regulated by a mechanical regulator of the oxygen supply.

Does it make sense to adapt such a boiler to pellets? Probably yes, if you have access to cheap granular fuels.

The FOCUS pellet burner with Kholmov's boiler will provide additional opportunities:

The gas station is warm:

In general, flare burners increase the power and efficiency of any boiler through long burning technology. But this technology is not very effective for gas stations.

The pellet burner FOCUS, due to its low fuel cost, will provide cheap heat for heating outdoor facilities. Using this technology, costs will be low while consuming the required amount of heat.


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