Pellet boilers

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Pellet boilers (pellet boilers) FOCUS

Highly efficient pellet boilers FOCUS are designed for heat supply of residential, administrative, industrial, warehouse and other similar facilities.

An innovative controller with a large number of possible functions is used as a boiler control unit, adapted to the needs of demanding ecoMAX 860 TOUCH users (included in the scope of delivery of the FOCUS pellet flare burner).

The microprocessor-based boiler temperature controller is designed to control the operation of a boiler with a fan and a pellet burner installed on the boiler. The regulator stabilizes the boiler temperature by smoothly regulating the fan speed, blows into the boiler and protects the heating system from boiling. The regulator also controls the operation of the heating circulation pump.

It controls the combustion process in boilers with pellet burners, as well as in an emergency on manual loading. As standard, it controls the operation of heating circuits and a DHW boiler, a mixing circuit, as well as an additional external auger, a buffer tank (or heat exchanger) and a DHW recirculation pump.

Initially, the boiler is designed as a specialized solution for automatic fuel supply with a pellet burner of a flare type, but the boiler has a second door and an automatic operation mode, for a quick transition to manual loading in case of unforeseen (emergency) situations.

Manual loading should be seen as a fallback job due to the lack of economic and logical rationale.

The principle of operation of pellet boilers is based on burning fuel or removing heat from a working pellet burner.

In cases of manual loading, fuel combustion is accompanied by the release of heat, due to which the fuel is dried in the boiler and, at the same time, the air entering the combustion zone is heated. When mixing the pyrolysis gas released during the combustion of fuel with air at a high temperature, combustion occurs, accompanied by the release of heat, which in turn is directed to heating the water jacket and the boiler heat exchanger, and when using a pellet burner, direct heat is released to heat the water jacket.

When the boiler is loaded manually, the power is controlled by changing the volume of air supply to the fuel loading chamber.

The FOCUS pellet boiler is controlled by the ecoMAX 860 TOUCH automatic control unit, which monitors the temperature of the coolant leaving the boiler and accordingly regulates the supply of the required amount of air.

Flue gases from the combustion chamber, passing through the heat exchanger, leave their heat energy and are discharged into the chimney.