Weather regulator for boilers and pellet burners FOCUS ecoMAX860P

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All FOCUS pellet burners are equipped with a modern control controller. The ecoMAX860P weather regulator for boilers and pellet burners is a version of a complete device adapted to modern requirements, which completely controls the combustion process in boilers adapted for heating with fuel pellets.


Controller pellet burners FOCUS - everything you need is included

If the only thing that stops you from abandoning gas in favor of a pellet burner is comfort and climate control, then the FOCUS production company has provided modern possibilities in its burners.
By right, the best pellet burners on the market have a number of advantages. One of them is the complete installation of the controller-regulator for the ecoMAX860P pellet burners. Each FOCUS burner is equipped with this control option and fully provides the capabilities of modern gas boilers for automatic room heating with climate control and weather regulation.
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Key features ecoMAX860P:
• Patented operating system.
• ISM radio control.
• WI-FI;
• Individual settings.
• Touch screen 4.3 inches.
• Updates from the manufacturer using a microSDHC card.
The device provides all the necessary weather control functions, including various solutions and hybrid heating systems with hot water treatment. The ecoMAX860P functionality is complemented by a wide range of accessories, sensors and regulators.
• Supplied complete.
• Touch screen control.
• Serves various types of automated heating systems (including central and mixed individual).
• Supports many modes.
• Allows you to set individual system settings.
• When installing accessories, it enables
• Controls 3- and 4-way valves.
• Can be supplied in 4.3 "display (included) or 5" (optional).

Weather regulator for boilers and pellet burners FOCUS ecoMAX860P
The ability to install additional devices and accessories allows you to set individual heating settings in each separate room connected to a home or office heating system. The control unit provides the functions pellet burner and boilers of minimum power, and can also serve rather complex heating systems with high fuel efficiency. Including, when using low quality pellets without reducing the efficiency parameters during operation.
Available accessories and features
In addition to the controller, you can purchase:
• sensors and sensors;
• wireless room thermostat with battery power eSTER_x40;
• individually programmable wireless room panel with eSTER_x80 touch screen.
• Internet module, which acts as a service system, which monitors and manages the work in the ecoNET300 network;
• individually programmable room thermostat with touch screen EcoSTER TOUCH;
• individually programmable room thermostat with graphic display ecoSTER200;
• transmission interface for connecting the controller to a PC, provides the ability to change the ecoLINK2 software;
• combustion process optimizer ecoLAMBDA, maintaining the oxygen content in flue gases at a given level;
• module-expander of the functions of the main regulator Module B and C for additional heating circuits;
• set of sensors: smoke sensor CT2-S, standard sensor CT4, weather sensor CT4P, optical sensor OCP2.
When the ecoMAX860P control regulator is installed, the burner has all the advantages of a gas boiler and is able to provide heat without gas at a given comfort level. In this case, automatic control of forced supply, fan operation and controlled supply of oxygen to the combustion chambers is organized.
During operation, the system selects the most suitable operating mode. This installation option makes pellet heating systems more profitable than gas heating. The savings can be 200-300%, which is very significant when heating large areas.
Operating modes and features compared to other controllers

It is worth highlighting some of the technical features of the control regulator. pellet burners ecoMAX850P:
• updating software and OS versions using microSDHC or miniUSB cards;
• configurable alarms, connections of the reserve boiler, shunt and circulation pump through output H;
• expansion of the control system by connecting additional heating circuits using expander module B and C;
• setting the operating modes "summer-winter", tracking professional heating curves for the boiler and mixer, displaying the fuel level, working with other control devices;
• adaptive control of mixers for hot water treatment and heating circuits;
• integration with the buffer system;
• control of the controller by radio channel and wireless communication, as well as with the help of additional modules and cloud applications in real time from mobile devices.
With the help of the regulator of the pellet burner, it is possible to adjust the power, operating modes, while maintaining high efficiency with low quality fuel and low fuel consumption. This is possible due to the technology of volumetric combustion, the burner heats up the heating circuits well and provides a higher temperature of the coolant. The supplied controller can be used to control the process. This significantly reduces waste of fuel in the warm season, providing heating with low power, and in winter - at full power.
WITH pellet burner any solid fuel combustion device will become an efficient pellet boiler. The ecoMAX850P controller allows you to bring the level of comfort comparable to automatic gas heating with significantly lower fuel costs.

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