EcoSter TOUCH room sensor for pellet burners and boilers FOCUS

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The proposed EcoSter room sensor controller for pellet burners is a wall-mounted module for on-line regulation of the operating modes of a pellet burner and heating equipment. The main functions include controlling, power management, turning on and off, setting up automatic operation depending on time and weather conditions. Works in conjunction with the Econet internet module.


Most of our customers pay special attention to the level of heating comfort and the possibility of work automation. solid fuel boilers, characterized by increased labor intensity of service. An important factor is the ability to reduce costs compared to gas and diesel heating.

Pellet burners with automatic fuel supply and additional equipment allow not only to reduce the cost of heating, but also to provide a high level of comfort. The EcoSter TOUCH room controller for pellet burners complements the functionality of the Econet module by synchronizing data with mobile and cloud applications.

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Basic functions of the room EcoStere TOUCH touch controller :

  • built-in thermostat with the ability to adjust temperature conditions in different rooms;
  • temperature setting accuracy up to 0.1 ° С;
  • programming of seven-day cycles with an interval of 30 minutes;
  • support for 48 changes in temperature regimes during the day;
  • control of 3 temperature sensors.

The body of the touch controller can be made in different colors.


EcoSter room sensor for FOCUS burners



  • Works as a remote control for PLUM devices,

  • provides thermal comfort in rooms due to communication with regulators,

  • allows you to read and edit all parameters of controllers and heating and ventilation circuits,

  • controls the mixing circuits depending on the weather and automatically adjusts the heating curve to heat up the circuit.

  • provides thermal comfort in rooms thanks to digital communication with controllers,

  • Simultaneous firmware update of panel and other panels and controller via microSDHC card.

  • Room thermostat function,

  • selection of different operating modes of the regulator and information about the fuel level,

  • alarm signaling,

  • settings for day and night temperature graph,

  • Hotel mode - blocks access to the regulator menu and other panels,

  • 4.3 inch touch screen display,

  • remote desktop function for controllers with graphic control panel, with "TOUCH & PLAY" control.

Equipment that enhances comfort

Recommended for installation:

Together, this set of equipment, together with a controller for servicing a pellet burner, allows you to fully automate the operation of heating equipment and adjust it to comfortable and energy-saving modes.

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