DIY winter greenhouse with heating equipment

How is a winter greenhouse with heating arranged? We have revealed this topic more than once, talked about the device of an all-season vegetarian with a hybrid system, about heating an industrial and backyard greenhouse with pellets. Now we will talk specifically about the equipment on how a winter greenhouse with heating with your own hands can be implemented.

Так как сезонный обогрев домашней теплицы требует максимум 6 кВт, а всесезонный – 11 кВт, при этом оборудование стоит дорого, лучше приобрести котельную, которая будет обслуживать все приусадебное хозяйство. Минимальная мощность пеллетного оборудования ФОКУС составляет 17 кВт. Таким образом, такое оборудование может отопить дом 100 кв. м и теплицу. Причем сделать это по стоимости в 2 раза ниже, чем будет стоить отопление газом. Эту же горелку специалисты рекомендуют  в качестве отдельностоящего оборудования с котлом для обслуживания котельной большей площади.

We are talking about a winter greenhouse measuring 4 * 12 m. This is a professional farm greenhouse with an all-season operation.


We have already covered this issue several times, that a 16-mm cellular polycarbonate coating is much more profitable than a single-chamber double-glazed unit. If you want to make a more expensive version, use a double glazing unit for glazing.

Do-it-yourself winter greenhouse with heating: laying heating circuits

For all-season work, heating of air and soil will be required. It is advisable to arrange a heat accumulator from a rock that accumulates heat. The backfill is also carried out by experienced craftsmen from broken red brick. In it, pipes for heating with a large diameter are laid according to the principle vegetarian.

The alternative remains a water-heated floor from a thin pipe, which is connected to the heating system.

It is better to heat the air using fan heater with water circuit... We also gave the cost price in one of our publications.

In fact, we are talking about water heating, so you can purchase a conventional solid fuel boiler with an efficient heat exchanger and a FOCUS pellet boiler for these purposes.

 Pellet boiler room FOCUS

Under the FOCUS brand, equipment is produced mainly of industrial grade, but younger models will be able to help equip a pellet boiler room for a small winter greenhouse. The advantage of buying pellet equipment is that you can get a kilowatt of heat 2 times cheaper than gas. The purchase of a FOCUS boiler house will cost less than the purchase of an imported pellet boiler.

"Smart" winter greenhouse from the FOCUS brand

Особенностью отопительного оборудования ФОКУС является возможность организации смарт-управления обогревом при получении данных от датчиков и термостатов. Пеллетные горелки снабжены микроконтроллером PLUM. Он обеспечивает, в том числе, удаленный доступ. Так что зимняя теплица с отоплением своими руками может быть еще и умной. Что очень важно, чтобы сократить время ее обслуживания.

To create a smart greenhouse with your own hands, you need a little. In addition to the warm structure and heating equipment, sensors can be installed. With their help, the heating will be controlled. By the same principle, you can make automatic watering and lighting, if necessary. So it is quite possible to make a Dutch greenhouse with heating equipment with your own hands.

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