Accessories for pellet burners and solid fuel boilers

Components for pellet burners and solid fuel boilers for pellet boilers FOCUS and others

Pellet equipment of Ukrainian production involves the deployment of installations for space heating from individual modules and components. Only if the buyer chooses a foreign pellet boiler, he will receive all the necessary functions implemented in one housing. With some advantages of this approach, imported pellet boilers have a number of serious disadvantages. The deployment of pellet heating systems, using components of pellet burners and solid fuel boilers, is more profitable.

Ukrainian pellet plants against foreign ones

The buyer can choose and buy a pellet boiler made in Europe. In doing so, he will face a number of difficulties:

  • first of all, foreign equipment has a high price;
  • with high acquisition costs, the owner of the boiler house will be forced to buy only expensive pellet granules certified according to EU requirements;
  • in case of violation of the requirements for the ash content of pellets, foreign equipment quickly fails and requires major repairs for further operation.

Thus, to assemble a boiler plant on pellets, for example, from FOCUS brand equipment, is cheaper and more profitable in terms of functionality. First of all, the use of any pellet granule.

Ukrainian manufacturers of equipment produce separate components for pellet boilers, since the same FOCUS pellet hopper or automation for pellet boilers proposed in this section can be used in combination with installations from other manufacturers.

How to deploy a pellet boiler

A pellet heating system is good because, with an expensive initial installation, it guarantees relatively cheap heat. Moreover, each boiler room is completely autonomous and corresponds to the off-gride concept. At the same time, the complete automation of the combustion process, the supply of pellets, and the distribution of the heat carrier makes it possible to provide a level of comfort higher than with gas heating.

To deploy a pellet boiler, you will need:

  • pellet burner and solid fuel boiler FOCUS as the main equipment;
  • necessary components: automation, hydraulic units for organizing the supply of coolant, as well as bunkers for pellets.

You can buy additional equipment for pellet plants in this section. If you need advice, contact FOCUS specialists. Despite the popularity of our equipment among buyers, we are glad to each new client and will be happy to advise on all installation issues.