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Capacious bins for pellets for connecting automation

Pellet burners in combination with solid fuel boilers are the most optimal choice for consumers to switch to automatic and completely autonomous heating. During operation, the owner of such an installation pays much less for each kilowatt of energy, while allowing himself a level of comfort that is not inferior to gas heating without gas. Pellet bins are a storage module that allows you to install an automated pellet fuel supply line. Its volume determines the number of pellet loads per month.


Pellet silos and their role in heating systems

Pellet boilers or, more correctly, installations (a pellet burner cannot function as an independent module and implies the purchase of a whole set of equipment) are usually taken to a separate room, which implies a place for storing pellets. This is necessary to install a pellet hopper, from which pellets will be automatically fed, and other equipment.

It should be noted that in foreign models, bins are integrated into the body of a pellet boiler, in the case of FOCUS equipment, pellet bins are separate equipment and components for a pellet installation offered in this section.

Foreign pellet boilers have a higher cost and are not designed to use high-ash pellets available in Ukraine at an affordable price. This problem was solved by the developers of the production company FOCUS. As a result, this equipment is presented, which allows you to deploy an efficient and inexpensive pellet boiler room at home, in an office, building or structure.


Features of the design of the pellet plant

Any pellet burner FOCUS assumes automatic supply of fuel pellets to the flame torch. The plant can be equipped with a gravity-type pellet feed, when the pellet is fed from a vertical hopper to the place of combustion under gravity pressure. And the forced type, when it is realized with the help of additional transportation equipment.

The main volume of heating pellets is stored in special tanks, bunkers near the boiler plant, or is supplied from a proprietary pellet container using an automated conveyor.

FOCUS pellet bins are designed for different storage volumes of pellets. They are quite simply integrated into the boiler plant and connected to the conveyor and the pellet burner. Made of sheet metal, coated with an anti-corrosion compound. Having such a bunker, the owner of the boiler room can only monitor its replenishment.

You can familiarize yourself with the equipment available for purchase in this section.

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