What do you pay for when buying pellet boilers with automatic feeding?

Modern pellet boilers with automatic fuel supply and their price corresponds to the spirit of the times. This heating equipment seems to be crammed with technology. This is how manufacturers compete and win the attention of buyers. The ratio of cost and set of competitive technological solutions is a clear competitive advantage.

What manufacturers "stuffed" pellet boilers with? Pellet boilers with automatic feeding and their price

The self-sufficient construction of the pellet boiler consists of the following modules:

  • combustion chambers;
  • flare burner;
  • fuel supply systems;
  • efficient heat exchanger;
  • pellet hopper.

As an option, an ash cleaning system is offered, which is important when using granules with ash content 1-5%, which are prohibited in the EU. There may also be a cooling system, but this is typical for industrial models. The bunker can also vary in size, respectively, one load determines the duration of the boiler in autonomous mode.

But it’s not that simple. The set of technologies is much broader. It is these possibilities that need to be analyzed when choosing a model.

What options are available for the latest pellet boilers?

For example, flare pellet burners FOCUS  realize complete combustion of fuel with high heat transfer due to volumetric combustion. But other manufacturers, who cannot create the conditions for such a physical reaction, have taken a different path. Pellet boilers use pyrolysis afterburning of fuel. That allows you to bring the efficiency up to 95%. As a result, little ash is formed, and there is no need to clean the boiler from combustion products.

It should be noted that pellet boilers consume quite a lot of pellets. For a cycle lasting 12-40 hours, 45 kg of pellets are required, which is loaded into the automatic feeding system. But when it comes to such a function, of course, it means feeding the pellets using a screw from a larger hopper, which ensures combustion for a long time.

Manufacturers pay special attention to the design of the heat exchanger. The circulating heat carrier not only receives the generated heat, but also gradually cools the boiler, which excludes local overheating and emergency operation. Gradual cooling also eliminates scale build-up and helps extend the life of the system.

It is important to choose a manufacturer who can provide normal metal processing, excluding overheating. Also, special attention is paid to the choice of grade and thickness of sheet steel. Thus, innovative pellet boilers with automatic feeding and the price are interconnected things, all technologies cost money.

Some manufacturers use a combustion principle that eliminates carbon deposits in the boiler and chimney, which makes cleaning much easier. In this case, the use of catalytic cleaning with the help of specialized granules is quite sufficient for cleaning the boiler from ash.

Universal equipment is usually designed to work in open and closed systems, respectively, it can work in circuits with natural and forced circulation.

How heating system circuits replace automation

The purchase of an economy-class pellet boiler will result in the fact that the heating equipment will not support automatic functions. But schemes of heating systems with analog control of sensors and pumps in combination with thermostats allow automating the operation of the boiler. So the lack of automation and microprogram control "on board" is not considered a disadvantage, although it is a desirable feature. It is with its help that you can adjust the operation of the boiler in accordance with the concept of "Smart home".

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