Heating production: how to choose boiler optimal for tasks

On the Internet, you can find quite a few proposals for heating production. They boil down to popular economy solutions, which boil down to the installation of air curtains, fan heaters or ceiling heaters. In some cases, it is proposed to design and deploy an air heating system due to the fact that the workshops are related to premises with high heat losses. In this multitude, industrial series of equipment are lost that are most suitable for these purposes. Customers, especially those without experience, are at a loss as to how to choose a boiler for production facilities.

Industrial boilers and their features

Industrial boiler houses are a separate production unit, in this case, for the production of heat. They can be implemented as centralized ones, inheriting the Soviet heating system, or as local mini-boiler rooms for individual buildings and premises.

For heating, boilers designed for high power are installed. Also, the heating of production can be heated using heat carriers that are not used in the residential sector.

Industrial boiler houses mainly operate on the following energy resources:

  • coal;
  • fuel oil;
  • gas;
  • pellets.

Boilers can be installed gas, solid fuel, pyrolysis and steam, depending on the type of heating used. Recently, industrial enterprises have begun to switch to pellet fuel. This applies mainly to the food industry and the service sector, which does not require high energy consumption. Large machine-building, chemical and mining and metallurgical enterprises use the usual energy carriers, receiving kilowatts at a cost commensurate with pellets.

In other words, semi-functional industrial boilers, as a rule, are not represented in Ukraine, and the provision of technical information about them requires a separate request. For the deployment of large boiler houses, we can recommend equipment from Bosch, Arcus and others.

How to choose a boiler for an industrial-grade mini boiler room FOCUS

Installation of Ukrainian industrial-grade heating equipment is considered as an alternative for production. Usually we are talking about mini-boiler rooms. And it's not about power, but about overall dimensions. The FOCUS brand produces pellet burners FOCUS power from 17 kW to 900 kW, related equipment, and solid fuel boilers for 100, 200, 300 and 500 kW... These boilers can be converted to pellets by installing a proprietary pellet burner.

What distinguishes these boiler rooms:

  • a wide range of boiler capacities;
  • high-quality performance;
  • small dimensions;
  • saving heat per kilowatt 50% from the cost of gas heating;
  • full-fledged microprogram control that allows any settings.

Industrial models of burners have the necessary compensation characteristics and modules to control the transition of the device to emergency operation. Among them are cooling systems, fuel supply, self-cleaning systems and others.

The obvious advantage of industrial boiler rooms FOCUS are compact dimensions at a fairly high power. The manufacturing company also deals with individual solutions based on modular equipment and design work for the development of new models of boiler rooms.

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