Heating boilers with automatic fuel supply: gravity feed and screw feed

In practice, heating boilers with automatic fuel supply are a fairly wide range of heating equipment that provides autonomous operation of the heating system. Formally, they include gas and diesel boilers, but usually solid fuel models belong to this category. Their design provides for a conveyor of energy raw materials. It is worth making a note at this stage. There are cheaper versions on the market with gravity feed and more expensive ones with a transport auger.

Automatic fuel supply in a pellet boiler with gravity conveyor

Despite the fact that gravitational supply is typical for conventional solid fuel models (Kholmov boilers), experts still refer to pellet heating equipment as heating boilers with automatic fuel supply. This is due to the convenience of organizing the transportation of granular fuel. Which is not applicable for fuel briquettes or chopped wood.

Mine solid fuel boilers

Among the owners of private houses and, accordingly, private boiler houses, unattended models of heating equipment are in demand. That is, with automatic fuel supply. In industry, boiler equipment is also supplied with a screw feed of coal, fuel oil or other energy resources. For home versions of boilers, such an implementation has been a problem for a very long time. When using solid fuel, it was necessary to add firewood every 3-6 hours.

This issue has been resolved with the advent of mine boilers Kholmov, in which the supply of firewood was carried out by a gravitational method. The fuel mass simply settled as it burned. This form of feeding takes place in cheap pellet boiler models and earlier versions on the market.

Факельная pellet burner с автоматической подачей топлива

In pellet boilers of the latest generation, so-called automatic pellet burners... These are flare burners with automatic fuel supply. It is worth noting that it is the burner that fundamentally distinguishes a pellet boiler from a conventional solid fuel boiler.

Despite the fact that manufacturers used auger feed in earlier versions of burners. It is in the flare versions, due to the supply of pellets by the auger, that the efficiency level is increased to 95%.

This type of delivery is necessary to avoid the mechanical work that combustion gases can carry out when the effect occurs. bulk combustion and for the purpose of implementing pyrolysis afterburning of raw materials. Thus, a pellet flare burner constructively implies an automatic fuel supply.

К примеру, факельная pellet burner FOCUS является отопительным оборудованием последнего поколения, поэтому включает дозированную шнековую подачу пеллеты. Процесс подачи воздуха и топлива управляется микроконтроллером PLUM. По этой причине становится и возможной регулировка работы котла по заданному сценарию температуры в помещениях.

What are heating boilers with automatic fuel supply capable of?

The screw feed of fuel allows you to control the combustion process, its useful heat transfer and safe parameters. Flare burners offered on the market are technologically automatic by default.

For example, FOCUS pellet burners:

  • installed on any floor-standing boilers without structural changes;
  • controlled by the climate control system;
  • allow deploying all types of heating: air, water, high and low temperature;
  • do not require maintenance;
  • have a self-cleaning and cooling system in older models.

Providing owners with the highest level of comfort, significantly higher than that of gas systems, pellet heating will cost 2 times cheaper. The cost of a kilowatt for 2020 is UAH 0.464. With the introduction of climate control scenarios and the installation of sensors, the consumption of pellets is further reduced. The FOCUS pellet torch burner is not sensitive to the quality of raw materials, so you can use wood pellets and less expensive granular raw materials.

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