Pellet boiler или автоматическая pellet burner: что лучше из предложений отопительного оборудования

Many home owners, having already decided to switch to pellet technology, are faced with a choice. What is better pellet boiler or automatic pellet burner? In fact, we are talking about complementary modules. The pellet boiler has its own pellet burner, there are two types of such modules that provide different levels of efficiency.

Automatic pellet burner is part of modern pellet boilers

Современный автоматический pellet boiler с факельной горелкой (поддерживающий объемное горение и пиролизный дожиг топлива) с микропрограммным управлением зарубежного производства обойдется довольно дорого. Гораздо выгоднее приобрести факельную pellet burner FOCUS, которую можно установить в уже имеющийся твердотопливный котел соответствующей мощности. В результате владелец получит тот же автоматический пелетный котел с максимальным набором функций, но гораздо дешевле. Причем мощность отопительного оборудования будет выше.

What are the features of an automatic pellet burner compared to other offers:

  • automatic fuel supply;
  • microprogram combustion control;
  • self-cleaning and water cooling, depending on the version and power of the model;
  • work with the climate control system and "Smart Home".

Other offers

However, alternative offers can be found on the market. An example is pellet boilers with vertical, that is, gravitational fuel supply and an air heating chamber. Such a model will cost less than an automatic pellet burner complete with all the necessary boiler room equipment. It is ideal for a small frame house, especially if it will be heated according to the canadian system.

Does it make sense to take more expensive equipment? Probably not. Such a system saves costs by switching to pellets and immediately heats the air, which is the heat carrier.

Что нужно учесть при выборе оборудования

As a rule, the owners of individual houses do not immediately compare the desired comfort, which is expressed in the laying of certain heating circuits, and the capabilities of heating equipment. Automatic pellet boilers are usually designed to prepare a water heating medium that can already be used for air heating with fan heaters.

For air heating, it is worth purchasing a boiler with direct air heating. This can be done by ordering heating equipment according to an individual project. Or do it yourself. These boilers are also suitable for installing a FOCUS pellet burner. And they make it possible to take advantage of all the advantages of technology with minimal funds.

Having a good solid fuel boiler connected to the heating system, the best solution would be to buy a pellet burner. It will be a smart investment, increasing comfort levels and reducing heating costs. However, if the heating circuits do not provide for regulation, then the climate control and boiler control will be simplified.

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