Pellet burners Focus with Volcano (Atom) fan heaters in the heating of the production hall

Modern heating in a production hall can be organized in several ways. In addition to expensive infrared heaters, two technologies are gaining attention from consumers. This is water heating inherited by many industries since Soviet times and modern heating of workshops with warm air. Both solutions, unlike infrared ceiling heaters, require major overhauls when deployed.

Heating a production hall with Volcano fan heaters - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Formulation of the problem of organizing heating of a production workshop

The heating features of the production hall include a large cubic capacity and often high thermal conductivity of industrial structures. In many cases, we can talk about heating fenced outdoor areas with a large area and volume. At the same time, in these rooms it is necessary to ensure an acceptable overall temperature and a higher air temperature in the localizations of workplaces. None of the technologies, other than air heating, can provide sufficient heating for such rooms.

An alternative to air heating can be air-water heating, when a fan heater is installed on the water circuit. Volcano fan heaters are very popular among consumers (10 thousand UAH for 10 kW). However, domestic equipment of the Atom brand with a more favorable cost (10 thousand hryvnyas for 40 kW) has also appeared on the market.

Fan heaters help to combine the existing engineering networks of heating with a water coolant with the advantages of air heating. To provide the required power using profitable energy resources, it can be purchased pellet burner FOCUS, with the help of which the boilers are converted to granular fuel. Boiler rooms in this case can be fully automated and controlled by climate control.

Pellet burners FOCUS in the heating of workshops

The choice of granular fuel for heating industrial premises by factories and plants is not accidental. It is enough to look at the current cost of a kilowatt in order to draw appropriate conclusions on the choice of equipment. The use of granular fuel helps to cut costs by 2 times.

With climate control, even greater savings can be achieved through dynamic heat consumption "on demand". In addition, such modern boiler rooms are simply more convenient

Fuel Calorific value according to standard Required amount, 1 kW * h Estimated fuel price Fuel cost per kW
Main gas 8.6 kWh / m3 0.116 m3 8.07 UAH / m3 0.936 UAH
Liquefied gas 12.8 kWh / l 0.0782 l 11.60 UAH / l UAH 0.907
Wood pellets 4.96 kWh / kg 0.202 kg 2,3 UAH / kg 0,464 UAH
Diesel fuel 11.1 kWh / l 0.91 l 15.80 UAH / l UAH 14.37
Electricity 1 kWh 1.68 kWh 1.68 UAH

Heating a production hall with Volcano fan heaters - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

What is included in a pellet boiler room:

Advantages of a pellet boiler room:

  • low heating costs for the production hall;
  • automatic mode of operation;
  • climate control;
  • remote control;
  • no need for direct control over the process.

Setting up the dynamic operation of heating circuits allows you to rationally use heat in accordance with the needs, but without the "backlash" costs typical for outdated heating systems.

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