Volcano fan heaters or just a winter greenhouse with pellet heating

Many homeowners dream of extending the growing season and install greenhouse heating as a result. The most popular equipment among farmers, homeowners and summer residents is the Volcano fan heater. The minimum power of such a heater is 10 kW. If you switch to cheap heating on pellet pellets and install pellet burner FOCUS, then with its help you can heat a small country house. A winter greenhouse with heating or a greenhouse with an exit from the living quarters is attached to the house. Such a solution, when taking into account the cardinal points during construction, is known as a vegetarian greenhouse.

House with a greenhouse-greenhouse - how much will the heating cost

One 10-kilowatt Volcano fan heater is enough for heating an arched greenhouse measuring 4 * 6 m and a ridge height of 3.5 m, covered with 6 mm polycarbonate. For these purposes, 6.7 kW is required, provided that the greenhouse operates at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. If a double-glazed window is installed in the greenhouse, then the need for heat is less, but not essential. Requires 6 kW. A winter greenhouse with heating, glazed with double-glazed windows, operating in cold weather, will require 2 times more - about 13 kW.

Thus, the junior model pellet burner FOCUS 17 kW can heat a house and a small greenhouse that can be used as a greenhouse. This solution is very rational, since the living quarters will retain heat better, and it will not be consumed within the framework of heat loss, but for heating the greenhouse.

Home owners will rightfully appreciate the comfort of this solution. Moreover, regardless of whether you will grow exotic plants or simply provide yourself with year-round fresh vegetables and fruits.

Heating cost

To demonstrate that a winter greenhouse with heating from a pellet burner is rational, it is enough to give a comparative table of the cost of a kilowatt when heated by different energy sources.

Fuel Calorific value according to standard Required amount, 1 kW * h Estimated fuel price Fuel cost per kW
Main gas 8.6 kWh / m3 0.116 m3 8.07 UAH / m3 0.936 UAH
Liquefied gas 12.8 kWh / l 0.0782 l 11.60 UAH / l UAH 0.907
Wood pellets 4.96 kWh / kg 0.202 kg 2,3 UAH / kg 0,464 UAH
Diesel fuel 11.1 kWh / l 0.91 l 15.80 UAH / l UAH 14.37
Electricity 1 kWh 1.68 kWh 1.68 UAH


The undoubted advantage is the climate control control of the operating parameters of the pellet boiler house and fully automatic operation. And this is all subject to fuel economy. If buying a Volcano fan heater will have to pay about UAH 10 thousand. for 10 kW, then for the same amount you can purchase a 40-kilowatt fan heater for Atom greenhouses of Ukrainian production. Our experts can offer a project for heating an industrial-type greenhouse, combined with a house and a single boiler room for farmers. It will take into account the needs of individual home owners, opportunities and be based on modern proposals.

Winter greenhouse with heating. What is included in a pellet boiler room

When purchasing pellet burner FOCUS 17 you need to have a solid fuel boiler of similar power available. You will also need a pellet storage bin. You can see the cost of this equipment in our range. Please note that the cost of heating a room with pellets will be half as much as you would have heated it with gas. By setting the climate control to dynamic mode, the savings will be more pronounced.

This approach implies the rational use of the heat used to heat the home. In this case, technical heat is used for the greenhouse adjacent to the house and for maintaining the temperature in it.

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