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The factory-assembled FOCUS 17 kW pellet flare burner is a reliable solution for heating an individual residential building, a detached office or a small production hall. The device is realized as an automatic and self-cleaning heating equipment operating on profitable granular fuel. This household pellet burner allows you to convert a small boiler room to heating with granular fuel.

Does not require structural changes when converting gas, diesel and solid fuel boilers.





Pellet burner FOCUS 17 kW designed on average for heating 150-200 sq. m. This is a standard residential building with a second floor. Already today, buyers can switch from expensive gas, diesel and labor-intensive solid fuels to pellet pellets. They are made from agricultural waste obtained from the cultivation of crops. They are made from hemp, flax fire, hay, wood chips.

If necessary, you can expand the functionality of your pellet boiler house and purchase equipment for the production of pellets, switching to full autonomy.

Household features pellet burner FOCUS 17 кВт:

  • modular installation principle;
  • the ability to re-equip any boilers without structural changes;
  • undemanding installation on a previously prepared site.

The proposed heating equipment will increase the level of autonomy of the household and manage its budget, taking a comprehensive approach to the issue of energy saving.

Functions and equipment

Functionality of the pellet burner FOCUS 17 kW:

  • power regulation within 6kW - 25kW;
  • 5 basic security levels;
  • automatic operation: ignition, extinguishing, ignition;
  • ceramic lighter;
  • low power consumption (40W) - can be powered by battery and solar panel;
  • PID regulation;
  • movable grate for mechanical cleaning of the burner;
  • pump control (hot water treatment and heating);
  • work with a compact thermostat and internet module.

The pellet burner complies with GOST 32452-2013 (EN 15270: 2007). Provided with 18 months warranty.

Contents of delivery:

Equipment for pellet boiler rooms

Devices and modules that increase the level of autonomy of the heating system:

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