How does it work solid fuel boiler long burning?

A solid fuel boiler of long burning, depending on the model, may differ from other proposals in terms of the technological features of extracting heat from fuel. Mine boilers of Kholmov are considered inexpensive and efficient in operation. The burner in such boilers is located at the bottom, the firewood is loaded from above.

The combustion intensity is regulated by a mechanical cover. One load is usually designed for a semi-daily or daily cycle, the duration of burning can be maintained up to 8 days. Such boilers are a reliable and effective solution for individual houses and regions with cheap wood with a heating system from 6 to 100 kW.

Along with mine, long-burning boilers include pyrolysis boilers. These are gas-fired boilers, in which gas is generated and burned during the combustion process. The thermal power of such heating devices is higher. They really resemble gas boilers in terms of efficiency, while they are cheap and available to operate. The only drawback is poor automation and mechanical fuel loading.

Long burning and no solid fuel loading in a solid fuel boiler

But ... you can organize auto-ignition, continuous combustion and climate control using the same solid fuel boiler. This is implemented with pellet burner... Granular fuel is fed automatically by means of an auger from a bunker or an automatic feed. The combustion intensity is adjusted using a microcontroller, wireless communication, sensors and heat regulators in the premises.

As a result, it is possible to obtain cheap heat with a heating comfort level that is not inferior to gas heating. Pellet burners can be installed on almost any floor standing boilers without any structural changes. The cost part will include the organization of a boiler room: a bunker for storing pellets, the design of augers for feeding and other elements of an automatic system. Optionally for younger models pellet burners FOCUS  a manual feed with one auger is implemented, which ensures the transportation of granular fuel directly to the burner.

Peculiarities pellet burners FOCUS

Pellet burners appeared as an external integrated module, borrowed from pellet boilers in order to adapt solid fuel boilers to pellets. Currently supplied as a separate heating equipment.

Advantages of pellet burners:

  • High efficiency.
  • Independence from the quality of the pellets.
  • Automatic work.
  • Climate control if desired.

A boiler room with a pellet burner can provide inexpensive and comfortable heat without gas. This modernization of the solid fuel boiler significantly increases the level of comfort at a low cost, while ensuring continuous combustion. This is an ideal solution for detached houses, summer cottages for year-round living, farms, farms. It can be used for heat supply of industrial and warehouse premises, generating technical warmth regardless of gas supplies.

A long-burning solid fuel boiler with a burner will be especially effective when organizing air heating of frame houses and greenhouses. You can get connection diagrams on the website FIREBOX.COM.UA.

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