Technical heat - cheap heating without gas

In the slang of heating specialists, you can hear a specific term as "technical heat". We are talking about heat produced for technical purposes, which is not directly supplied to consumers or heating devices. The technical heat includes a heating circuit that heats heat accumulators. It also includes kilowatts, which are spent on heating technical premises, highways, roads. Heating without gas final heating devices are also provided with technical heat, which can be obtained in different ways.

Техническое тепло обычно поставляют угольные теплостанции, производящие максимально дешевые киловатты. Но на локальных объектах для этих целей применяется газовая подготовка теплоносителя, как наиболее удобная в эксплуатации. При этом существует еще одна технология, позволяющая получить низкую стоимость киловатта, как у угольных котельных, и уровень удобства эксплуатации, как у газового оборудования. Речь идет о пеллетных горелках бренда FOCUS.

Горелки ФОКУС и их технические особенности

Pellet burners FOCUS can be used to prepare technical heat for subsequent use. They provide a low cost per kilowatt, are undemanding to the quality of pelletized fuel and can be configured for fully automatic operation. The equipment is supplied in a wide range of capacities from 17 to 500 kW. That allows you to choose a model for an individual farm, farm, warehouse and / or large production.

The cost of heat without gas, obtained by supporting the flare combustion with a pellet, will be comparable to that of a coal-fired heating plant. At the same time, the boiler room on the FOCUS pellet burner will operate in a fully automatic mode, like the gas boiler room.

Advantages pellet burner FOCUS:

  • high efficiency with pellets of any quality;
  • full autonomous operation of the boiler room;
  • fine adjustment of parameters;
  • low cost per kilowatt;
  • setting and maintaining parameters of complex heating circuits without gas;
  • high efficiency due to the use of flare combustion technology.

Safe preparation of technical heat without gas using a burner

The use of a heat accumulator significantly increases the service life of the heating system. The connection diagram implies the installation of the main and heated heating circuits. The hot coolant is fed into the heat accumulator, where there are several heat exchangers used for the preparation of hot water, heating medium for batteries and a water heating floor.

Such a system provides not only an increased level of security. Accordingly, excluding the supply of boiling water to consumers. This is how engineers extend the life of pipes and radiators at the project level. This connection diagram also deals with the preparation of technical heat.

Пеллетная горелка  с твердотопливным котлом обслуживает только основной высокотемпературный контур отопления. Именно он подает горячую воду в теплоаккумулятор, что обеспечивает безопасную работу системы. Там техническое тепло раздается конечным потребителям. Такая система генерирует техническое тепло в производственных масштабах. Она настраивается на работу с климат-контролем.

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