Efficient boiler - choosing solid fuel or fuel pellets?

Comparing fuel efficiency is a relatively controversial issue. The analysis takes into account the availability, price and heat capacity of wood waste used for heating. Most often, consumers are inclined to buy cheap raw materials, despite their reduced ability to generate heat. Many of our ecological clients try to avoid the use of valuable and slow growing tree species. Is there an alternative to them? Which boiler and solid fuel best used for heating?

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Pellet burner FOCUS

Among the owners of individual houses and summer cottages solid fuel boilers remain the most in demand. This is due to the tradition of stove heating, which has recently been replaced by solid fuel boilers, which has increased the level of comfort. Since ancient times, the Slavs have been heated with wood, therefore, with the inaccessibility of cheap electricity and gas, solid fuel remains the only alternative. But is it?

The advantage of firewood:

  • availability;
  • low price with non-guaranteed heat capacity;
  • free purchase if there is a forest nearby.

Compared to wood, coal gives more heat, but is more laborious to use for heating. So dry wood remains the undisputed favorite among the fuel raw materials for stoves and boilers. Recently, however, an alternative has emerged.

The quality of the boiler and solid fuel can complement and significantly increase the efficiency of the system. torch burner FOCUS, which simultaneously acts as an adapter for feeding pellets and is equipped with an automatic auger, self-cleaning and cooling, depending on the selected model and its power.

Pellet burner - this is a kind of attachment to the boiler, with which you can adapt an existing solid fuel boiler to more profitable fuel pellets. Flare combustion technology provides higher efficiency when burning solid raw materials and generates more heat energy.

Why pellets are still more profitable

Every year wood becomes more and more expensive, varieties with high heat capacity are inaccessible. Accordingly, traditional heating with boilers and solid fuels is no longer acceptable to everyone. Without extra costs, you can optimize the boiler by purchasing a pellet burner and switch to inexpensive pellets.

Advantages of pellets for combustion in flare burners:

  • low cost;
  • availability in any region - made from wood chips, hay, cake and other agricultural and storage waste;
  • burners provide intensive heat generation with high efficiency regardless of the quality of the pellets.

As a result, you can heat your home without gas, achieving the same comfort level as with gas heating. The boiler and solid fuel will be based on pellet technology.

Climate control with room parameter adjustment

The pellet burner is controlled by a microcontroller, to which room thermostats can be connected. The digital module analyzes the heat demand and independently turns on or off the heating equipment. Pellet burners FOCUS have auto-ignition and can be switched on by a control signal from your mobile phone.

If you have chosen any solid fuel boiler, our engineers can install a FOCUS pellet burner on it without making any structural changes. Climate control will be installed as an option, optimizing energy consumption and increasing the level of comfort in the cold season. Such heating equipment belongs to the class of maintenance-free boiler houses and generates cheap heat without gas.

The most popular FOCUS burner among private households, this is a 17 kW model. It can heat the heating medium, water for household use, heat the greenhouse and the pool. Our company creates only profitable solutions for owners of private residential buildings who want to optimize their heating costs and not save on heat. The boiler and solid fuel are not the only profitable solution and certainly not the most comfortable one.

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