Solid fuel boiler... What is it and how does it happen?

The device of a solid fuel boiler is quite common and resembles a traditional Russian stove, but without heat-intensive coarse. Heating equipment is usually made of thick metal, has a combustion chamber, an ash pan for cleaning, a heat exchanger for heating the coolant, an outlet for a chimney. For efficient operation of the boiler, a pump is also required to move the heated heat carrier and a safety group for analog control of the system. Depending on what the heating system is, solid fuel boiler complemented by various related elements and accessories for pipe routing.

Solid fuel boiler design
Solid fuel boiler and its classic design

Manufacturers release boilers for heating with solid fuel of different power. Sometimes there are design features that improve overall efficiency, heat capacity, and heat dissipation, as well as simplify operation, such as cleaning equipment. The criterion for assessing the power is the volume of the heated room and the number of firewood for heating. For individual houses, they are trying to install large boilers with an enlarged combustion chamber, designed for a daily heating cycle, with regulation of the combustion intensity by means of air supply.

How to optimize a solid fuel boiler: fuel selection and optimization

Solid fuels include any heat-intensive raw materials of natural origin, the combustion of which produces heat. Usually it means chopped wood or its waste, but it can be coal, briquettes of peat, lignin, as well as fuel pellets - pellets.

Solid fuels:

  • coal;
  • wood;
  • briquettes from processed wood, peat, lignin and other raw materials of natural origin;
  • pellets from forestry and agricultural waste.

Each of the listed types of fuel has its own characteristics and heat transfer. For example, lignin pellets generate heat energy when burned almost on a par with Anthracite coal. The efficiency was also significantly increased due to combustion technology and specific fuel supply in pellet boilers. They use granular raw materials made from woodworking and agricultural waste, but a large heat transfer is provided by flare combustion. For this reason, pellet boilers are equally efficient and do not depend on the quality of the pellets.

Solid fuel boiler to pellet

Moreover, any solid fuel boiler can be used as a pellet. With this upgrade, you can make available all the benefits of using pelleted fuel in your household. For these purposes, it is enough to purchase pellet burner FOCUS... It is a module with a combustion chamber, which is mounted in the firebox of a solid fuel boiler.

The pellet burner, depending on the model, is equipped with:

  • combustion chamber;
  • auto-ignition;
  • control system using a microcontroller;
  • self-cleaning system;
  • cooling.

Buyers have the opportunity to choose burners with power from 17 kW... This is enough to fully provide heat to an individual house and household, without saving on costs and providing your family with full autonomy of living without gas.

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