Pellet-fired bakeries are profitable

Any baking of confectionery and bakery products is an energy-consuming business, the cost of which grows depending on the energy source. Pellet burners FOCUS allow you to re-equip pastry ovens and use cheap heat and granular fuel for heating. The transfer of bakeries to pellets allows today to significantly reduce costs and increase business profitability.

This approach allows you to increase the profitability of production, reduce the cost of heating the confectionery and bakery. Comfortable and inexpensive heat without gas and electricity will also be important, which will cost 2-3 times cheaper.

Pellet burner also allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere when heating production facilities located in separate workshops, to heat the outdoor area of the cafe, attracting customers not only with hot bread, but also with a cozy atmosphere.

Heating of production with air streams is currently considered the most efficient, but energy costs can be reduced by using pellet fuel and using flare burners.

Comfortable heat without gas is quite feasible technologically. Some Ukrainian manufacturers already manufacture confectionery ovens with pellet burners, for example, Monsoon ovens. But what about those pastry shop owners who have alternative brands of ovens installed?

To resolve the issue of transferring bakeries to pellets, you need to contact the manufacturer pellet burners FOCUS... This equipment can be installed on any boilers and stoves for pellet fuel without making any structural changes.

The advantages that the transfer of bakeries to pellets guarantees:

  • more economical energy consumption costs;
  • savings associated with the costs of checking and operating gas equipment (project documentation, meters, etc.);
  • higher production safety, as each pellet burner FOCUS is a computerized embedded device;
  • quick installation of pellet burners;
  • reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 90%;
  • the possibility of using gas.

The benefits are best demonstrated by calculations of profitability using the example of a 45 kWh furnace.

Fuel Calorific value according to standard The required amount, 45 kW * h Estimated fuel price Fuel cost
Natural gas 8.6 kWh / m3 5.23 m3 8.07 UAH / m3 UAH 42.2
Liquefied gas 12.8 kWh / l 3.52 l 11.60 UAH / l UAH 40.83
Wood pellets 4.96 kWh / kg 9.1 kg 2,3 UAH / kg UAH 20.93
Agro pellets 4.56 kWh / kg 10.2 kg 1.50 UAH / kg UAH 15.30
Electricity 45 kWh 2.85 kWh UAH 128.25


Thus, the most costly are electric pastry ovens, and the most economical fuel is fuel pellets. Pellets also allow you to save on heating of large workshops.

Heating of the confectionery and bakery shop

The organization of normal heating of the workshop, as a rule, is associated with the use of a competent technological approach. According to reviews, the best option is considered to be air heating of production areas, combined with water heating as needed. To transfer the heat supply system of the workshop building, it is enough to install only a pellet burner.

Laying of air ducts for heating with hot air, in the absence, will require major repairs and costs, which, however, quickly pay off.

You can seek advice and find out what are the benefits of transferring bakeries to pellets, right on FIREBOX website... The company's specialists will suggest the best technological solution for heating bakeries, confectionery and heating plants, regardless of specialization.

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