Отопление домов pellet burners с автоматической подачей – особенности и цена

Modern home heating brings the organization of heating and approaches to the consumption of generated heat closer to the concept of a passive house. The basic principles of organizing home boiler rooms are based on heat saving and economical heat supply. At the same time, the attitude towards environmental pollution and the use of non-renewable energy resources is changing. Consumers are switching to rapidly renewable raw materials that allow them to get heat at a low price. Today it can be provided by an electronic pellet burner with automatic feeding of granular fuel.

Pellets - why it is a real alternative to gas

The majority of consumers believe that comfortable heating, which does not require the investment of physical labor, is provided only by natural gas. However, its price is growing, and the cost of heating becomes unaffordable for an ordinary average Ukrainian family. Wealthy people tend to spend less because they have to heat larger homes.

To save gas, you will need to insulate the house, install a climate control system and a condensing boiler. At the same time, its cost is commensurate with a pellet boiler house, on the operation of which you will have to spend at least 2 times less. At the same time, a pellet burner with automatic feeding fully meets modern ideas about comfort and does not require investment of physical labor. Heating your home becomes cheap and enjoyable.

Pellet burners поддерживают:

  • climate control technology;
  • provide the required level of safety of solid fuel heating with high efficiency.

Pellet boiler или горелка с автоматической подачей могут использоваться в отоплении домов, не уступая газу и обеспечивая потребителям экотепло по низкой стоимости.

Pellet consumption per season

For the season, you will have to buy about 3-4 tons of pellets for every 100 m2 of house area. At maximum load, the pellet flare burner consumes 2 kg of pellets per hour for 10 kW.

Heating cost per kilowatt

For a kilowatt when switching to pellets, the consumer will pay UAH 0.464. (2020, the cost of a ton of pellets is UAH 2300). This is approximately 2 times lower than the current cost of gas.

Does fuel quality affect efficiency?

The pellet flare burner uses volumetric combustion technology, so the quality of the pellet does not affect the efficiency. However, low quality or rather uncertified pellets have a higher ash content, which suggests a good purification system. The cleaning system can be automatic.

How often should the pellet boiler be loaded

At peak load in winter, the pellet boiler must be loaded once every two days. This will require about 20 minutes... To increase the maintenance-free operating time of the boiler room, it is necessary to install a pellet hopper and a screw feed of fuel. The pellet can be fed pneumatically from an adjacent storage room.

Is it possible to save

Additional savings in pellet consumption are achieved by installing complex climate control and supplying heat to the premises "on demand". This approach involves reducing the indoor temperature in the absence of people.

Pellet boiler and burner cost

Полнофункциональный пеллетный котел с факельной горелкой будет стоить примерно 120 тысяч гривен. Пеллетная мини-котельная обойдется в 60 тысяч гривен с тем же функционалом и покупкой твердотопливного котла. Pellet burners FOCUS могут быть установлены в котлы любого типа без конструкционных изменений и с соизмеримой мощностью.

The pellet burner with automatic feed in home heating is really a complete alternative to gas heating.

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