Рассматриваем отзывы о pellet burners отечественных производителей: какие бывают сложности

Despite the activity of Ukrainian manufacturers of heating equipment, reviews of pellet burners are rarely posted. This is due to the fact that buyers are large enterprises, which, as a result, are completely satisfied with the work of the boiler house. However, private owners face certain difficulties.

Отзывы о pellet burners:основные достоинства и недостатки

Among the owners of individual houses, the disadvantages of a pellet burner are the need to load a fuel pellet every other day and spend about 20 minutes on this. Among the pluses, of course, homeowners note the price of heating. For about every 100 sq. m of area takes 3 tons of pellets per season.

At the same time, cheap agropels with 8% ash content, made from sunflower husks or hay, are used more. On average, the cost of heating at a temperature of + 23- + 24 ° C in rooms is no more than 7000 UAH. at current prices of pellets. Some homeowners recycle wood waste into high quality pellets on their own and keep costs down. The volume of preventive measures is decreasing. In this respect, even expensive pellet boiler pays off pretty quickly.

The disadvantages include the rapidly growing price of fuel pellets. If in 2017 a ton of agricultural pellets could be purchased for UAH 500, now it has risen to UAH 2300. The increase in the cost of fuel is noted negatively in all reviews of pellet burners.

How to increase comfort and reduce heating costs when switching to granular fuel

To avoid collision with the disadvantages of pellet heating technology, since we are talking about solid fuel, you need to think carefully about the equipment of the pellet boiler room.

First of all, install equipment for a weekly load. If it is possible to organize a separate room for storing raw materials and auger feeding, then the problem of the inconvenience of frequent loads, even for a private house, is removed.

What is required to organize a weekly download:

  • бункер для пеллеты или шнековый транспортер для организации подачи гранулированного топлива из другого помещения;
  • high efficiency pellet burner;
  • solid fuel boiler с развитым теплообменником.

What is needed to reduce the number of boiler cleanings, including the pellet boiler:

  • use catalytic pellets for boiler cleaning;
  • use wood pellet with an ash content of 0.5-0.7%.

What is needed to reduce the cost of pellets:

  • agree on a reliable supply of raw materials - sawdust, sunflower husk, chopped hay, peat, waste paper, waste;
  • purchase a pellet press for making pellets.

These tips will make your pellet burner reviews overwhelmingly positive. The only drawback of the technology is the inevitable increase in the cost of granular fuel. For this reason, it is recommended to use several heat sources and organize the production of pellets for their own needs, if the buyer is not satisfied with 50% savings in relation to the cost of a kilowatt when heating with gas.

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