Precise control of the combustion process by means of forced air supply

Boilers with air supply do not imply air heating, although the option of having an additional air heating circuit is not excluded. Usually it is combined with the process of cooling a pellet burner or boiler, while removing excess heat from the body and the combustion process.

Air supply is associated with automation and maintenance of the coolant temperature in the desired range. In addition, secondary air injection during the accumulation of gaseous combustion products in the boiler chamber (usually in the second chamber) contributes to the effect of pyrolysis afterburning.

Boilers with air supply are, as a rule, program-controlled long-burning boilers, regardless of the basic technology (solid fuel mine, pyrolysis or pellet with automatic pellet feeding).

The principle of pyrolysis afterburning of fuel - long and short burning

Pyrolysis technology involves the use of fuel and gaseous combustion products to obtain heat from combustion. They are released during smoldering and are capable of giving off a large amount of thermal energy. As you know, the intensity of combustion or flame depends on the presence of air in the combustion chamber, so its metered supply can maintain the intensity of combustion. With smoldering, this process becomes prolonged, which does not in any way affect the decrease in heat transfer. Such boilers are also called gas-generating boilers.

The simplest air regulator is a door with an adjustable mechanical ventilator. Now the practice is to supply air to a dedicated chamber, implemented on the principle of pyrolysis boilers. Manufacturers of solid fuel boilers practice air supply using nozzles. They make it point-like, not only maintaining the intensity of combustion, but also significantly increasing the heat capacity.

Automatic combustion support by means of air supply allows "stretching" the fuel load. Moreover, this can be done for the maximum available time. For example, heat the room for at least 3 days.

Fired boilers in the automation of heating equipment

Pellet burner FOCUS includes an air supply device. This process is fully automated for autonomous support of the torch type flame. This type of device generates maximum heat. With the help of a metered air supply, the intensity of the fire torch is maintained and, at the same time, the pyrolysis afterburning of the fuel. As a result, the efficiency of the FOCUS pellet burner reaches 95%.

It is the metered air supply that allows achieving the quality characteristics of the torch combustion. Delivery volume in pellet burners FOCUS controls microcontroller PLUM... The maximum heat transfer in the industrial series is observed for burners when a complete package of heating equipment is installed, including solid fuel boilers FOCUS.

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