Automatic cooling boilers for domestic and industrial heating

When it comes to automatic cooling, people familiar with the topic associate functionality with powerful models. pellet burners... However, cooling the boiler in practice allows increasing the efficiency and removing additional heat from the heating body of the boiler equipment. At the same time, the level of safety is improved, protecting the metal from overheating, and the service life of the heating device is increased. However, boilers with automatic cooling boilers are found not only in the industrial, but also in the domestic sales sector.

This solution can also be found in relatively inexpensive solid fuel boilersin which water-cooled grates are built into the structure of the heat exchanger. The number of water-cooled elements can be increased. In fact, it is possible to remove unused excess heat from the body, combustion chamber of gas formation products and even chimneys. These elements can be integrated into the heat exchanger and provide more efficient heat extraction.

In practice, the preparation of the coolant in the water cooling circuit allows you to expand the functions of the heating equipment and add another heating circuit. In industrial heating, it performs the tasks of an equipment safety loop.

Water cooling in industrial boilers

As we have already said, design engineers implement air or water cooling with two goals:

  • to increase the level of security;
  • to effectively remove excess heat.

One of the options for air cooling can be considered a Bulerian oven. With forced air supply, the circuit will act as a cooler and remove excess heat. As a result, multifunctionality is realized along with an increase in the level of safety. In industrial heating, such a solution is not applicable, however, it can be implemented in a small workshop heated by radiators and an air coolant.

Boilers with automatic cooling imply a targeted supply of heating medium to remove excess heat. The process is controlled by firmware.

Boilers with automatic cooling: features of water cooling circuits

It should be understood that such structures are subject to high thermal stress. They are made from solid-drawn pipes and hot-rolled heat-resistant steel. The design is integral with a common or additional heat exchange circuit.

In industrial heating, the water cooling of the burners has a protective function, protecting the equipment from overheating. This is especially dangerous given the increased power. Excess heat can be removed as needed. And, in case the engineers have foreseen it structurally. The physics of the process is such that as long as there is water in the system, burning out of the elements filled with water is impossible.

Automatic cooling boilers are usually controlled microcontroller PLUM and are a full-fledged smart device.

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