What a modern shopping center heating system looks like from the inside and saving pellets

When designing retail space, the question of organizing efficient heating inevitably arises. Its features include the need to maintain a constant temperature in large rooms. Some buildings of this class were built using frame technology and are fast-cooling structures. Classically, the issue is solved with the help of air heating built into the ventilation system. The heating system of a shopping center is usually built into the ventilation system. The indicators are monitored by sensors, so the heating efficiency is significantly increased.

Еще болеепо сократить затраты на обогрев поможет pellet boiler с факельной горелкой. Однако учитывая особенности системы, можно сказать, что классические недостатки воздушного отопления не являются критическими для торговых центров. Дело в том, что  проблема поднимающегося вверх воздуха решается постоянным забором теплого воздуха и рециркуляцией с повторной подачей его в помещения.

In addition, lower temperatures near the floor are not a problem - shop visitors wear outdoor shoes. Conversely, the warm air above allows you to quickly warm up. As if the disadvantages are not tangible, and the cost of heating is reduced by the 50% pellet boiler. Is there any way to improve the system?

Complex multi-circuit heating systems - what are the benefits

It turns out that by reducing the cost of heating with a pellet boiler and installing supply and exhaust ventilation, not all the possibilities for optimizing boiler rooms are used. A shopping center heating system can serve many heating circuits. They make the temperature control "on demand" more precise. Accordingly, costs are further reduced, and leaks and overruns are controlled, enabling standardized use. technical heat.

A modern heating complex for a shopping and entertainment center may include:

  • underfloor heating with segmental and seasonal control, and this option can be provided to users;
  • air heating for an instant increase in the temperature in the room when visitors appear and after reaching the parameters, the transition to the "cruising" mode of operation;
  • thermal curtains that turn on when there is a temperature difference in different segments of sales areas;
  • infrared heating of the cafe from the ceiling during frost to create a comfortable atmosphere;
  • a system for analyzing heat consumption in the entire space of the premises, thereby forming a technical task for insulation, installation of a heating system and other works.

As you can see, the heating complex includes control and circuits operating on electricity. In fact, the life support and climate control system in office buildings can regulate the operation of any type of circuit. This is done to achieve an economic effect, that is, real savings. These possibilities are provided by heating equipment controlled by microprogram controllers and room thermostats.

Such systems can be self-regulating, controlled by scenarios with a goal setting, combined with manual control "on demand", track heat consumption for each individual subscriber and generate invoices for accounting. When such services are implemented in homes, functions can be turned on and off by voice using the Cortana service. Owners have the opportunity to passivate the house, monitoring heat loss in winter and gradually improving the heat transfer parameters.

Pellet burners с микропрограммным управлением в системах отопления торгового центра

Pellet burners are a real and more economical replacement for pellet boilers. With their help, you can make any boiler pellet. If the question is, which models to buy for space heating tasks. Then, of course, you need to purchase newer flare burners with automatic auger fuel supply. They are more economical compared to the previous generation versions and vertical fuel delivery.

Еще одним замечанием к покупке отопительного оборудования будет приобретение версий с микропрограммным управлением. Именно такими функциями обладают твердотопливные котлы и pellet burners FOCUS. Такая возможность расширяет возможности автоматизации процесса отопления не только в торговом центре. Но именно в этих объектах максимально демонстрирует эффективность подхода.

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