Pellet burner 50kW: pellet consumption per season and other features

At the time of buying pellet burners FOCUS quite logically, the question arises from many buyers, what is the consumption of pellets per season for this or that model. For this reason, we decided to give some figures. With their help, you will be able to estimate costs. Pellet burner 50 kW belongs to semi-industrial type models.

Comparative calculations of the consumption of pellets per 10 kW

The table shows the consumption of pellets for obtaining 10 kW for different types of fuel:

Fuel Calorific value according to standard The required amount, 45 kW * h Estimated fuel price Fuel cost per hour of operation
Natural gas 8.6 kWh / m3 1.16 m3 8.07 UAH / m3 UAH 9.36
Liquefied gas 12.8 kWh / l 0.78 l 11.60 UAH / l UAH 9.04
Wood pellets 4.96 kWh / kg 2.02 kg 2,3 UAH / kg 4.64 UAH
Diesel 11.1 kWh / l 0.91 l 15.80 UAH / l UAH 14.37
Electricity 10 kWh 1.68 kWh UAH 16.8

The cost is reduced to 10 kW / h, which reflects the estimated price of heating a house of 100 m2. In other words, an hour of heating at maximum power with wood pellets will cost 4.64 UAH. or UAH 3340 per month. This will consume 1454 kg of pellets.

In practice, a house with an area of 100 m2 requires 3 tons of agricultural pellets per season for heating at a constant temperature in the rooms up to + 24 ° C. Which is approximately 34% from the maximum power of a pellet burner during a warm winter. In cold winters, it is advisable to increase this indicator to 60%, respectively, at a 60-degree coolant temperature.

These figures will help you navigate in relation to a 10 kW device. Accordingly, for a pellet burner of 50 kW, 43, 600 tons of granular fuel at face value will be required. Which is approximately 15 tons of pellets for a warm winter and 27 tons during a cold winter.

Pellet burner 50 kW: for what purposes can you purchase

Pellet burner 50 kW is suitable for heating a house with an area of 500 m2. It can be a large house of 250-280 m2 and outbuildings, including swimming pools, indoor and outdoor terraces, greenhouses and greenhouses.

Heating them will cost approximately:

  • during a warm winter - 34, 500 thousand UAH per year (about 5 750 UAH per month);
  • during a cold winter - at 59, 400 thousand UAH. per year (about UAH 10,000 per month).

And this is a very reasonable price for heating such a large area. Similar calculations can be made for supermarkets, sports centers and gas stations.

The range of our brand includes pellet burners FOCUS 17, FOCUS 25 and FOCUS 50 for small objects with an area of up to 500 m2.

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