We organize efficient heating in the country

Efficient heating in the country depends on the category of the country house and the level of its comfort. Is it designed for year-round use. If the site has a fully functional private farm with a house, utility rooms, a greenhouse, a bath complex or a swimming pool, then the most effective option would be to use a pellet boiler or burner. Our manufacturing company offers pellet burners FOCUS 17 kW with climate control, which will completely solve the problem of comfortable heating of a country house.

How does a pellet burner work

As we told in one of the publications, pellet burner FOCUS  is the functional and structural element that conceptually distinguishes a pellet boiler from a conventional boiler. However, the efficiency of pellet combustion is associated with the technology of volumetric combustion. Higher efficiency when burning fuel pellets is obtained when using flare burners. Moreover, such a structural and technological approach makes it possible not to take into account the quality of the pellet fuel.

The principle of operation of a pellet burner is as follows:

  • pellets are fed by a conveyor;
  • the pellets support the combustion of the torch, which gives a large amount of heat energy to the heat exchanger.

Pellet burners FOCUS will help to organize full-function heating in the country at a high power and low price.

Что может пеллетная горелка FOCUS

Pellet adapters are installed on a new or existing boiler of any type. They directly include a combustion chamber, a screw for feeding granules. Industrial burners have a cooling system that is not available in the domestic versions. FOCUS offers products not only for summer residents who love a high level of comfort, but also for enterprises, warehouses, shops. The burners are designed for power from 17 kW to 500 kW, depending on the model chosen.

Organize heating in the country with maximum efficiency

The low cost per kilowatt of pellet energy eliminates the need to save. Heat without gas is not only complete autonomy, but also an opportunity to expand your capabilities.

For example:

  • heat efficiently at home with insufficient thermal insulation;
  • organize heating of the winter pool at the dacha;
  • provide hot water treatment for the bath and water supply;
  • heat the winter greenhouse;
  • warm other buildings: garage, sheds, animal enclosures.

Это все можно сделать с одной горелкой FOCUS, не экономя на эксплуатационных затратах. Кроме того, подключение горелки к беспроводной и GSM-сети позволяет менять сценарии и уровни нагрева в зависимости от пожеланий и погоды. FOCUS – это принципиально новый уровень организации отопления на даче и уже устоявшийся стандарт обогрева частного дома.

Supported heating types

With the help of a pellet boiler room, you can organize different types of heating and serve hybrid systems with the following types of heat carriers:

  • water;
  • air;
  • steam and other types.

With a pellet burner, you can achieve a fundamentally new level of comfort in country and country houses and organize comfortable heating in the country according to your preferences.

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