Choosing the best boiler for home with a specialist - what to consider

Buyer's question to a specialist: "How to choose a boiler", - already seems rhetorical and permanent. It would seem, no matter how much you tell, the buyer still repeats the cherished words. Today the tuning masters pellet burners FOCUS decided to make something similar to a reminder that will help consumers in choosing a boiler. It should be noted that the best boiler for a home combines functionality and simple operation according to the requirements of its class.

First of all, any heating equipment must be well assembled and work harmoniously. It is best to choose a model that corresponds to the Plug & Play concept, that is, does not require complex installation from the user and compliance with strict requirements during operation. For this reason, the choice should be stopped either on a simple model or on an offer from a reputable manufacturer. If you want to save money and buy a Bosch boiler that is not undemanding to installation, then when buying a Ukrainian boiler, you should deal with the offer in more detail.

Memo to buy the best boiler for your home

Suppose that the buyer needs to buy a new boiler before the heating season in order not to depend on gas heating.

What the sales assistant needs to find out:

  • The boiler power is calculated using a rather complicated formula, but everything can be simplified. It is enough to divide the total area of the heated premises by 10. That is, for heating 100 sq. M. meters will require heating equipment of 10 kW.
  • Find out for yourself the amount you want to allocate for the purchase, as well as the criteria by which you will want to decrease or increase it.
  • Decide how much you can spend on heating during the winter months. Calculate monthly costs.

We give the cost per kilowatt of some types of fuel:

Fuel Calorific value according to standard Required amount, 1 kW * h Estimated fuel price Fuel cost per kW
Main gas 8.6 kWh / m3 0.116 m3 8.07 UAH / m3 0.936 UAH
Liquefied gas 12.8 kWh / l 0.0782 l 11.60 UAH / l UAH 0.907
Wood pellets 4.96 kWh / kg 0.202 kg 2,3 UAH / kg 0,464 UAH
Diesel fuel 11.1 kWh / l 0.91 l 15.80 UAH / l UAH 14.37
Electricity 1 kWh 1.68 kWh 1.68 UAH


Electric and solid fuel boiler in the system

From the available heating options, you can choose more expensive electricity, main gas and cheaper pellets. The most affordable will be the Ukrainian electric boiler. The cost of "Tenko" boilers starts from UAH 1,500. at a power of 3-4.5 kW. If you decide to buy it, then in the cold months you will pay about UAH 2,000. for heating. But this boiler can be a backup, complementing the solid fuel model. The electric version can also be set to low temperature and underfloor heating.

When heating a house with an area of 45-70 m2, it makes no sense to buy an expensive and bulky pellet boiler. Such an acquisition will not pay for itself. It is much cheaper to connect gas or properly organize electric heating as backup heat without gas. The savings in consumption can be organized using room thermostats or heat sensors and setting various scenarios of use. For example, heating the room for the return of the owners from work.

If gas is unavailable, it makes sense to purchase a solid fuel boiler with a heat accumulator (6.5 and 10 thousand hryvnias) or Kholmov's mine boiler (about 10 thousand hryvnias). If the heat consumption is rather high, the purchase pellet burner FOCUS 17 will help reduce your monthly expenses.

Fireplace, air and electric heating

If you have a small house, then one of the effective heating options will be a cast-iron fireplace insert (from UAH 7,000) with an air preparation chamber for air heating. With its help, it is possible to maintain the temperature on the ground floor even in severe frosts, providing a comfortable floor temperature with the help of underfloor heating.

Fireplace is the best boiler for a small house
Sometimes a cast iron firebox can completely replace a traditional boiler, making the house more comfortable and becoming a source of heat for air heating. However, this is a local solution that does not apply to homes over 100 sq. m. For them, we recommend solid fuel boilers and pellet burners FOCUS.

Air ducts with hot air from the fireplace insert are led out to the second floor or to adjacent rooms, maintaining a comfortable temperature. Many readers will love this economical solution.

We hope that we have answered the question of how to choose the best boiler for your home using an example. Our readers will be able to make their choice individually by answering the following questions:

  • how to organize low-temperature heating for the off-season (underfloor heating or another type of heating);
  • how to maintain a comfortable temperature in cold weather (backup heat sources);
  • is the house well insulated (you need to choose the optimal type of heating).

If the house is insulated below average, then it is better to use air heating or open fire sources like stoves and fireplaces. The warm floor will maintain a pleasant microclimate in the autumn and spring months. Water heating is needed at low subzero temperatures in addition to other heat sources.

Air heating with pellet burner FOCUS and the best boiler for a house over 100 m2

In houses with an area of more than 100 m2, it is more efficient to get heat without gas, saving 50% on monthly costs. We recommend buying a household pellet boiler FOCUS. With its help, you can organize all types of heating at once, which were discussed in our article. In addition, it is an excellent option for heating a country house with a greenhouse. Solid fuel boiler with pellet burner 17 kW can work automatically, transmitting control and measurement data to the owner of the house on a mobile phone.

If you have a large farm, with a swimming pool, greenhouse, greenhouse, terraces that require street heating, we offer solid fuel boilers FOCUS 100 to 100 kW programmed with a pellet burner. With their help, you can provide yourself with heat without gas with 50% savings on monthly costs.

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