Автоматика и блок управления PLUM с комнатными датчиками: настройка

Для управления работой котла используется обычно релейная или полупроводниковая автоматика. По мнению специалистов FOCUS, оптимальным вариантом автоматики для котла является блок управления PLUM ecoMAX 250 WZ. Его используют во многих моделях отечественной и зарубежной котельной техники. Несмотря на универсальность микроконтроллера в продаже доступны и другие предложения. Например, блок управления ГАЗДА, TAL, KG Elektronik, Inter Electronics, BEOK и другие. Тем не менее, пеллетные горелки ФОКУС работают на решении, которое применяется в многолетней практике. Это PLUM ecoMAX 250 WZ.

Блок управления solid fuel boiler – зачем нужен?

Modern heating of a private house is based on a multi-circuit heating system. That is, the system includes several types of heat supply, interconnected. What does it look like?

For example, in spring and autumn, it is enough to turn on warm floors to create a comfortable temperature. But when you turn on the biofireplace or the firebox of the biofireplace, the warm floors in a certain room can already be turned off freely. This can be done manually, or it can be programmed using the control unit and microcontroller of heating systems.

Technically, it looks like the system is controlling another heat source by monitoring the room temperature.

Another example is already directly related to the operation of the boiler. In this case, the automation controls the operation of the pump and the rate of circulation of the coolant, reaching the desired temperature. This is the simplest example of work, implemented, for example, by monoblocks of GAZDA electric boilers. In this case, the microcontroller can also control the joint operation of the heating devices included in the system. In pellet burners, in addition to controlling the pump, you can control the intensity of combustion by supplying air in a different volume, and controlling the pyrolysis potential using a flue gas sensor.

Despite the rather wide potential functionality, each control unit has its own set of functions.

PLUM ecoMAX 250 WZ control unit: basic functions

Почему pellet burners and solid fuel boilers FOCUS оснащены именно PLUM ecoMAX 250 WZ? Прежде всего, потому что этот микроконтроллер обеспечивает стабильно-безопасные характеристики работы котла и горелки в необслуживаемом режиме.

The use of any type of solid fuel boilers is associated with many safety risks: overheating of the coolant, shutdown of pumps due to malfunction and lack of electricity. In pellet burners, the safety problem is more acute. The technology used for obtaining volumetric combustion with uncontrolled characteristics can provide mechanical work produced by combustion products. In other words, an explosion.

Despite the fact that the emergency situation will be local, it can lead to injury to residents. For this reason, FOCUS pellet burners, whose combustion parameters are constantly monitored, use faultlessly reliable automation.

In addition, a feature of the PLUM ecoMAX 250 WZ control unit is the advanced level of service commands.

PLUM ecoMAX 250 WZ fully automates and optimizes combustion in a solid fuel boiler when choosing a certain type of fuel: slag, coal, wood, fuel oil and others.

In this case, the following functions are implemented:

  • control of fuel afterburning;
  • "turbo" mode, which provides quick heating of the boiler with minimum fuel consumption;
  • additional PID functions providing work with a flue gas sensor, temperature control with comparison with the set one. This ensures the transition of the boiler to safe and required characteristics;
  • maintaining the temperature of the coolant using a blower fan when air is supplied;
  • processing of summer / winter modes;
  • work with indoor thermostats;
  • control of pumps of several boilers.

At the same time, it is customary to refer consumer capabilities to the main functions of the control unit in heating a private house:

  • control of the DHW and CH pump (intensity of the coolant circulation in the system);
  • boiler fan control (combustion intensity).

Additional functions:

  • "Anxiety";
  • "Anti-frost";
  • "Anti-stop" of the pump.

For smooth operation, the control unit needs to be supplied with 2 watts. The control unit can change the temperature of the heating medium in the range of 0-100 ° C with an accuracy of +/- 2 ° C.

Boiler control unit PCB programming video for thrill-seekers

If necessary, a control unit for heating a private house can be made independently. An example is shown in the video.


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