Which solid fuel boiler buy for heating the production hall

Our company this year offered consumers industrial solid fuel boilers FOCUSwho are able to provide heating of the production hall with a capacity of 100, 200, 300 and 500 kW. The models are implemented in a two-door format, that is, they allow you to install pellet burners and heat the premises with coal, wood and briquettes if necessary. The boiler module is made of heat-resistant stainless steel and practically does not undergo operational wear. The design of the boiler ensures almost complete heat extraction. Such solid fuel boiler buy for production you can in our online store.

What criteria must be adhered to when organizing the heating of a production workshop

The production hall has a large area and room height. As a consequence, heating needs to generate more heat energy in order to maintain the temperature throughout the building. It is quite difficult. Only air heating can cope with such tasks. It is combined with ventilation or the water heating circuits are connected to fan heaters.

For example, with a ceiling height of 6-7 meters in a workshop, a FOCUS 100 solid fuel boiler can heat 250-300 m2 of workshop area, creating a comfortable temperature for workers. This can be done by laying air ducts. But it is also advisable to use Atom fan heaters with a capacity of 40 kW. Their installation and connection to the hot water heating circuit greatly simplifies installation.

A heat exchanger can be connected to solid fuel boilers for heating and transporting air, which will distribute hot air throughout the room. This option is more preferable in all cases where more efficiency is required than the speed of installation and mobility of the heating system.

When heating workshops, it must be taken into account that these are fast-cooling buildings in which traditional heating systems are not effective. You can buy a solid fuel boiler for production not only to maintain the microclimate in the shops. Air heating shows itself perfectly in open areas for receiving products or carrying out work within the production cycle.

Solid fuel boiler buy for production and not only. Where else are industrial boilers applicable?

You can buy a solid fuel boiler for production with a capacity of 100 kW for household needs by connecting your own boiler house, greenhouse, parking lot to the "centralized" heating, organizing heating of open areas, a greenhouse and a swimming pool. In total, all needs will not exceed 100 kW, providing home owners with cheap heat without gas to increase the level of comfort.

A significant advantage of FOCUS solid fuel boilers is the possibility of software remote control using the PLUM microcontroller, as well as the connection of heat regulators in heated rooms.

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