Pellet burner 400 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burner FOCUS 400 kW industrial grade flare type belongs to the younger low-power models of this series. Accordingly, it does not require water cooling, but has structural features. First of all, they are associated with the peculiarities of the organization of the furnace and the use of refractory bricks and metal, which ensure stable operation during the continuous operation of the boiler room.

Does not require structural changes when converting gas, diesel and solid fuel boilers.





Pellet burner FOCUS 400 кВт может обслуживать до 5000 кв. м отапливаемой площади помещений с возможностью регулирования параметров обогрева в зависимости от погодных условий. Данное оборудование используется в высокопроизводительных коммунальных и производственных котельных. Одновременно с установкой горелки производится монтаж автоматики, делающей реальной поставку тепла по погодозависимому алгоритму.

At the same time, pellet heating is not only a full-fledged alternative to gas, but also a low price for the supplied heat. The pellet burner FOCUS 400 kW is supplied with basic digital devices and a screw conveyor with a feeding distance of up to 3 m. The manufacturer offers an extended package of additional equipment for the deployment of modern pellet boiler houses of various capacities on a turnkey basis with individual design of the heating complex and devices.

Это уникальное для Украины инженерное предложение. Котельные поставляются на базе solid fuel boilers собственного производства FOCUS, обеспечивающих лучшие показатели КПД среди аналогов. Устанавливаемое оборудование может быть запрограммировано на адаптивные режимы работы с помощью регуляторов и PID-регуляции.

Features of semi-industrial pellet burner FOCUS 400 kW:

  • modular installation with minimal labor intensity;
  • "Intelligent" control;
  • increased level of security;
  • burner site required.

Pellet burners FOCUS are certified universal equipment that can be integrated with heating devices from other manufacturers.

Functions and equipment

Functionality of the pellet burner FOCUS 400 kW:

  • power regulation within 100kW - 450kW;
  • 5 basic security levels;
  • automatic operation: ignition, extinguishing, ignition;
  • ceramic lighter;
  • low power consumption (400W) - can be powered by battery and solar panel;
  • PID-regulation (the possibility of precise control of the burner using an analog control signal, including within the framework of "smart home" technology);
  • movable grate for mechanical cleaning of the burner;
  • pump control (hot water treatment and heating);
  • work with a room thermostat and internet module.

The pellet burner complies with GOST 32452-2013 (EN 15270: 2007). Provided with 18 months warranty.

Contents of delivery:

Equipment for pellet boiler rooms

Devices and modules that increase the level of autonomy of the heating system:


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