Pellet burner 250 kW FOCUS

High-performance semi-industrial pellet burner FOCUS 250 kW flare type is used for automation and conversion of municipal boiler houses to pellet fuel. The device together with the boiler can serve up to 2500 sq. m of residential, office and industrial space, providing accurate adjustment of the temperature indicators of heating the coolant and hot water supply using a controller, room thermostats and a communication module.

Does not require structural changes when converting gas, diesel and solid fuel boilers.

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Пеллетная горелка FOCUS 250 кВт – это самое мощное отопительное оборудование в категории полупромышленных отопительных систем. Она используется для перевода преимущественно газовых котельных на пеллетное топливо. В рамках процессов реинжиниринга одновременно проводится полная или частичная автоматизация оборудования. В результате в зависимости от проекта реализуется концепция необслуживаемой пеллетной котельной с минимальными затратами на эксплуатацию.

The switch to pellet fuel for many utilities presents a number of opportunities. First of all, this is a weather-dependent supply of heat to the apartments of residents of apartment buildings, as well as the ability to adjust the intensity of heating using temperature regulators and automatic metering of heat consumption. Considering the independence of FOCUS equipment from fuel quality, we can talk about significant savings in heating costs due to three indicators: efficiency, low price and availability of pellets on the market and weather-dependent automation.

Котельные управляются с помощью аналогового контролера и работают совместно с комнатными регуляторами и интернет-модулем EcoNet, который предоставляет доступ к облачному приложению EcoNet24.

Features of semi-industrial pellet burner FOCUS 250 kW:

  • modular packaging and assembly principle, simplifying installation;
  • "Intelligent" control of the boiler room;
  • high level of security;
  • a pre-prepared installation site is required.

Pellet burners FOCUS обеспечивают более высокий КПД при работе с твердотопливными высокоэффективными котлами FOCUS 300 kW, manufactured according to an individual project.

Functions and equipment

Functionality of the pellet burner FOCUS 250 kW:

  • power regulation within 100kW - 260kW;
  • 5 basic security levels;
  • automatic operation: ignition, extinguishing, ignition;
  • ceramic lighter;
  • low power consumption (200W) - can be powered by battery and solar panel;
  • PID-regulation (the possibility of precise control of the burner using an analog control signal, including within the framework of "smart home" technology);
  • movable grate for mechanical cleaning of the burner;
  • pump control (hot water treatment and heating);
  • work with a room thermostat and internet module.

The pellet burner complies with GOST 32452-2013 (EN 15270: 2007). Provided with 18 months warranty.

Contents of delivery:

Equipment for pellet boiler rooms

Devices and modules that increase the level of autonomy of the heating system:


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