Solid fuel pyrolysis boiler 150 kW FOCUS

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Pyrolysis (gas generator) solid fuel boiler 150кВт FOCUS

Украинский пиролизный (газогенераторный) котел 150 кВт на твердом топливе FOCUS имеет все необходимые преимущества, чтобы получать тепло без газа в автоматическом режиме, используя принцип пиролиза (газогенерации) твердого топлива. Эта модель предназначена для полупромышленного использования in boiler houses of agricultural and industrial enterprisesproviding heating of buildings and structures at a low cost.

Назначение пиролизного котла 150 кВт FOCUS

Solid fuel high efficiency boilers FOCUS  are intended for heat supply of residential, administrative, industrial, warehouse and other similar facilities.

Твердотопливный пиролизный котел 150 кВт FOCUS - Firebox - Твердотопливные пеллетные котлы, пеллетные горелки, промышленные
пиролизного котла 150 кВт FOCUS

  1. Fuel loading doors
  2. Doors for cleaning the gasification chamber nozzle
  3. Ash-pan door
  4. Touch control panel
  5. Heat exchanger cleaning hatch
  6. Gasification / ignition switch lever
  7. Coolant supply pipes to the system
  8. Coolant circulation pipes from the system
  9. Boiler drain pipe
  10. Combustion air fan
  11. Automation unit for connecting pumps, etc.
  12. Chimney pipe


As boiler control unit an innovative controller with flexible settings and a large number of functions has been used to meet the needs of demanding, modern users - ecoMAX 260 TOUCH.

The microcontroller unit is designed to control the operation of a boiler with a fan. The unit stabilizes the boiler temperature by smoothly controlling the fan speed and turning off the fan if necessary.

The process of ignition and combustion of fuel in boilers with an injection fan with boiler temperature, boiler overheating and flue gas temperature control is also fully controlled, the unit controls heating circuits and a hot water boiler, protects selected circuits from overheating.

On board it has an output for controlling the blower fan, heating system pumps and hot water treatment system.

Instructions for setting and controlling the unit are provided to the user together with this manual when purchasing the boiler. Be sure to read the manual and instructions on the eve of starting the boiler.

The principle of operation of the pyrolysis boiler FOCUS

Initially, the boiler was designated as a specialized solution for the automated control of solid fuel combustion; the boiler is equipped with gas-tight doors for safe operation in the solid fuel gas generation mode. The control unit has appropriate settings and algorithms to operate in these modes.

Today, working on solid fuel in the gas generation mode is the most complete and efficient way of burning solid fuel.

Принцип работы котла основан на сжигании твердого топлива в режиме газогенерации, когда только нижняя часть топлива принимает участие в термическом разложении. Во время работы на твердом топливе после его разгара происходит процесс пиролизного разложения биомассы с выделением пиролизного (генераторного) газа, смешиваясь с соответствующим количеством кислорода воздуха в специализированных условиях форсунки, образуя реакцию окисления с наличием пламени сопровождающееся выделением тепла, попадает к теплообменнику и нагревает теплоноситель. В обычных средствах сжигания топлива для полноценного сжигания пиролизного газа управление котлом осуществляется автоматически, с помощью блока управления ecoMAX260 TOUCH, что следит за температурой теплоносителя на выходе из котла, и соответственно регулирует добавления воздуха в топку.

Flue gases from the combustion chamber, passing through the heat exchanger, leave their thermal energy and go out to the chimney.

To protect the boiler and the heating system from an increase in the maximum pressure, as well as to remove air, a protection group must be installed on the boiler (not included in the delivery set).

Economic justification of pyrolysis (gas generator) heating

Today, the quality and quantity of solid fuel for the needs of thermal energy generation is constantly and steadily decreasing. This trend forces the consumer to seek and choose non-standard solutions for heat generation and low-grade fuel combustion. Manufacturers, in turn, are going to improve the methods of fuel combustion. Scientific substantiation of the process of pyrolysis (gas generation) of solid fuel and biomass waste - provides an economic justification and perspective for the next decades of this technology. Having experience in the development and operation of boilers in gas generation mode since 2014, having clarified the nuances and operation on the part of the consumer, personnel, we are ready to offer gas generation of solid fuel and biomass waste, agricultural waste in a reliable product like a pyrolysis (gas generator) boiler FOCUS. This type of equipment already now gives a payback when switching to waste fuel, waste, combustible residues that are inevitable during construction or repair work, in the production of various products (from agricultural topics to printing houses, furniture production, and other activities). This is a significant economic difference in order to consider waste from economic activities as an alternative type of fuel and not save on heat by heating all the necessary premises and open areas.

Considering that in Ukraine there is a large amount of biomass as an inevitable remnant of agricultural activity, gas and fossil fuels are becoming more expensive, the proposed pyrolysis (gas-generating) boiler FOCUS provides a fairly complete processing of biofuel into generator gas with a high combustion temperature (hence the economic effect). The equipment provides pyrolysis (thermal decomposition) and afterburning of combustion products at a temperature of 1300-1600 * C, reducing ash deposition on the heat exchanger and walls, afterburning ballast gases, for which there is not enough temperature in a conventional boiler with traditional layer combustion and the fuel is essentially in the form of smoke - goes into the atmosphere. In the pyrolysis (gas generation) mode, with correct high-temperature combustion, a developed convective heat exchanger, a rare efficiency is achieved in the 92%, economically distinguishing this type of equipment along with more expensive electric and classic boilers.

In addition, the pyrolysis (gas-generating) boiler FOCUS has a special design of the combustion chamber, where combustion goes from top to bottom, essentially bottom combustion, which allows you to add fuel without stopping the boiler for a new bookmark (which in classic boilers smokes and does not burn until it warms up for the whole bookmark volume).

The developed convective part of the heat exchanger is designed to remove a large amount of heat from rapidly moving flue gases from a high-temperature torch, throwing out only the necessary heat into the street to protect the flue from condensation in severe frost, increasing the efficiency of the equipment.

Pyrolysis boiler 150 кВт FOCUS на твердом топливе может работать на грануле, изготовленной домашним и кустарным способом, на кусковом топливе, газовых углях (что практически не горят в классических котлах), различном брикете, строительном горючем отходе. В этом случае стоимость отопления автономных хозяйств снижается до минимума при уровне комфорта, сравнимом с газовым отоплением.

Features of the pyrolysis boiler 150 кВт FOCUS 

The proposed generator boiler FOCUS has a number of distinctive qualities and advantages that have no analogues in other manufacturers:

  • fan air supply, controlled by the ecoMAX 260 sensor controller (included in the delivery set);
  • the controller controls the gasification chamber fan, the boiler pump and the DHW heating pump;
  • there are 3 temperature sensors (boiler, hot water supply, flue gases), an input for the safety thermostat STB, an input for a room thermostat sensor.
  • power supply 220-230 V;
  • horizontal combined heat exchanger;
  • the boiler is made of steel 09G2S from solid elements assembled according to the modular principle - minimizing welding;
  • the doors are thermally insulated and do not undergo thermal deformation at maximum performance;
  • security group is not included in the package (purchased separately).

Пиролизный котел 150 кВт FOCUS устанавливается в отдельном помещении котельной.

If necessary, the manufacturer manufactures boilers of various capacities according to the standard range, for FOCUS pellet burners.


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