Pellet burner 700 kW FOCUS

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Pellet burner FOCUS 700 kW of flare type is installed on boilers in order to convert them to heating with granular fuel. The burner works with a controller and sensors that adjust according to weather conditions. In addition, the system can be connected to the Internet module and room thermostats, with the help of which comfortable temperature conditions are set. This pellet burner is designed for heating up to 8000 sq. m.

Does not require structural changes when converting gas, diesel and solid fuel boilers.





The solutions offered by the manufacturer have especially increased their relevance with the rise in the price of natural gas. Taking into account heat loss, suboptimal operating characteristics, heating of residential, office and industrial premises becomes very expensive. The only way out, implying the rejection of blue fuel, is a pellet boiler room. The installation of the burner also implies a complete modernization of the outdated communal heating complex with the installation of weather-dependent automation.

Предлагаемая pellet burner FOCUS 700 kW рассчитана на работу коммунальных и производственных котельных. Переход на пеллетное топливо также предполагает закупку комплекта оборудования, в который входят бункеры для хранения пеллет, шнековые транспортеры, горелки и котлы. При низкой эффективности ранее установленного котла в коммунальной котельной производитель предлагает свои услуги по проектированию и индивидуальной сборке твердотопливного котла FOCUS, обеспечивающего максимальный КПД в своем классе оборудования.

The pellet burner FOCUS 700 kW is a fully automatic, self-cleaning equipment with low maintenance costs and functionality. The system does not require regular maintenance.

Features of semi-industrial pellet burner FOCUS 700 kW:

  • modular design;
  • analog control with smart function setting;
  • increased security;
  • Before installing the burner, it is necessary to prepare the site.

Pellet burners FOCUS являются сертифицированным универсальным устройством, которое может быть легко интегрировано с отопительным оборудованием других производителей.

Functions and equipment

Functionality of the pellet burner FOCUS 700 kW:

  • power regulation within 300kW - 750kW;
  • 5 basic security levels;
  • automatic operation: ignition, extinguishing, ignition;
  • ceramic lighter;
  • low power consumption (400W) - can be powered by battery and solar panel;
  • PID-regulation (the possibility of precise control of the burner using an analog control signal, including within the framework of "smart home" technology);
  • movable grate for mechanical cleaning of the burner;
  • pump control (hot water treatment and heating);
  • work with a room thermostat and internet module.

The pellet burner complies with GOST 32452-2013 (EN 15270: 2007). Provided with 18 months warranty.

Contents of delivery:

Equipment for pellet boiler rooms

Devices and modules that increase the level of autonomy of the heating system:


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