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Installation of automatic pellet burner 300 kW - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Installation of a pellet burner 300 kW

CustomerUtility company

ServicePellet burner FOCUS 300


The installation of a pellet burner of 300 kW was carried out on gas boilers of a utility company, which optimized its costs for heating residential premises. As a result, savings reached 50%.


The possibility of installing a pellet burner for any type of boilers largely solves the problem of optimizing heating when switching to pellets, especially if it is implemented with a forced feed of wood pellets and a control system that regulates the intensity of combustion. 

The installed burner FOCUS 300 possesses all the necessary qualities that determine the transition to a more profitable type of fuel. Regardless of its initial quality, the device is characterized by high efficiency, which is poorly achievable in other modern systems. 

Pellet fuel has practically no competitors. Pellets are made from agricultural and wood waste, therefore they have a low cost. The installed heating equipment is equipped with automatic ignition and pellet feeding.

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