Solid fuel boiler 700 kW FOCUS

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Solid fuel boiler FOCUS 700 kW with three functional compartments (horizontal heat exchanger, loading chamber and ash pan). The loading chamber is equipped with two functional doors for a pellet burner and a conventional manual for manual solid fuel loading.

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Автоматический твердотопливный котел  700 кВт FOCUS с pellet burner (предлагается дополнительно)

The new Ukrainian solid fuel boiler FOCUS 700 kW has all the necessary advantages to get heat without gas in automatic mode. This model is intended for semi-industrial use in boiler houses of agricultural and industrial enterprises, cottage settlementsproviding heating of buildings and structures at a low cost.

Economic justification for pellet heating

Today, even with the use of more expensive wood pellets with an ash content of 1%, heating savings reach 50%. This is a significant difference in order to consider pellets as an alternative type of fuel and not save on heat by heating all the necessary rooms and open areas.

Considering that granulated fuel from sunflower husks with an ash content of 5-7% is sold in Ukraine in large volumes, the proposed solid fuel boiler FOCUS 500 kW with an integrated pellet burner is designed to work with high-ash granules. The equipment provides pyrolysis afterburning of combustion products, reducing the deposition of ash on the heat exchanger and walls, and the efficiency of 95% along with more expensive electric boilers.

In addition, the FOCUS 500 kW solid fuel boiler has a special grate structure designed to use a pellet burner and increase the efficiency of the equipment.

The FOCUS 500 kW solid fuel boiler can be fired with homemade pellets. In this case, the cost of heating autonomous farms is reduced to a minimum with a level of comfort comparable to gas heating, and fully automatic operation of the boiler room.

Peculiarities solid fuel boiler 700 кВт FOCUS 

The proposed solid fuel boiler FOCUS 700 kW with a built-in pellet burner adapter on the additional door has a number of distinctive qualities and advantages that have no analogues in other manufacturers:

  • подача воздуха вентиляторная, управляемая controller ecoMAX 860 TOUCH (входит в комплект поставки);
  • the controller controls an indirect hot water boiler, heating circuits, and a mixing unit. By default, it controls the pellet feeding auger to the burner and the heat exchanger;
  • there are 10 inputs for sensors, 2 inputs for thermostats. One 12V output, 12 230V outputs;
  • horizontal four-way heat exchanger with an area of 70 m2;
  • there are two doors: for the FOCUS pellet burner and manual loading of solid fuel. The second door is backup, used as needed. More efficient heating is guaranteed during automatic operation;
  • the boiler is made of stainless steel from solid elements, assembled according to a modular principle without welding;
  • the door is thermally insulated and does not undergo thermal deformation at maximum performance;
  • security group is not included in the package (purchased separately).

The FOCUS 700 kW solid fuel boiler is installed in a separate boiler room. If necessary, the manufacturer manufactures boilers with lower power for FOCUS pellet burners.

Additional equipment for equipping a pellet boiler room

To equip a pellet boiler room, in addition to the installation kit, you will need:

Consult our specialists on the features of the deployment of heating circuits and connections.

Dimensions (edit)

Specified in each position separately.

Chimney diameter

200 mm

Requirements for the boiler room

When designing, you must adhere to the requirements:

  • MDNAOP 0.001.26-96;
  • DBN B.2.5-XX: 20XX;
  • SNiP 2.04.05-91 "Heating, ventilation and air conditioning";
  • SNiP II-35-76 "Boiler plants".


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