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Hybrid heating system 50 kW - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Hybrid boiler room 50 kW

CustomerPrivate person

ServicePellet burner FOCUS 50 Solid fuel boiler


The customer was offered a complex project for heating a private house and farm for 50 kW. It included a solid fuel boiler, a pellet burner, an automation, monitoring system and a wood pellet feeder, an electronics kit.


At the preliminary request of the buyer, a heating complex based on a solid fuel boiler and a pellet burner was designed and installed. FOCUS 50 kW for a private house. The total capacity of the boiler house is 50 kW for pellets and 75 kW for solid fuel. If necessary, the premises can be heated with available biofuel.

A feature of the solution is the use of a solid gas-fired boiler design, which provides full autonomy to a private household with a high level of comfort and low heating costs. Subsequently, heat pumps will be added to the system.

The installed pellet burner automatically maintains a constant temperature of the heating medium. Also, thanks to the automatic loading of pellets and self-cleaning, additional equipment eliminates the need for frequent loading of the boiler with solid fuel.

The heating circuits of the house are completely based on the technology of water "warm floors" and had many engineering features that had to be taken into account when designing heating equipment. In addition to the proposed system, the customer installed a heat accumulator, circulation and heating of the coolant is carried out on the basis of data from a temperature sensor, automatic ignition of the burner with combustion control.


The system includes:

  • third-party heat accumulator;
  • gas-generating solid fuel boiler Dm-Stella;
  • pellet bunker for 1.4 m3 with forced feeding of pellets;
  • pellet burner 50 kW;
  • boiler automation with PID-mode;
  • burner automation in wireless and mobile communication module;
  • a three-way valve to support the "return" of the boiler and low-temperature water treatment for the "warm floor" system;
  • electrical panel;
  • distribution manifold with coolant circulation pumps.

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