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Hybrid combustion system 50 kW - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Hybrid boiler room 50 kW

DEPUTYPrivate person

SERVICEFOCUS 50 pellet burner Solid burning boiler


To the deputy proponent of the proprietorship, a complex project for a private booth and a state gift for 50 kW. The new one has entered a solid-burning boiler, a pellet burner and a feed of burning pellets, a set of electronics.


Upon prior request, purchase of a design and assembly shop for an opaluvanny complex based on a solid-fired boiler DM-STELLA and a pellet stove FOCUS 50 kW for a private booth. The boiler room's heating capacity is to be 50 kW on pellets and 75 kW on solid wood. It is possible to ob_gr_vati the primacy with an obvious b_fuel.

A special solution is the design of a solid-burnt gas-generating boiler, which will ensure the autonomy of private households with a high level of comfort and low vitrates on the scorched. One year before the system will be supplied with heat pumps.

Installed pellet stove automatically adjusts the temperature stability of the heat. Likewise, the staff for the automatic stopping of the pellet and self-cleaning of the burner is relieved of the need for frequent stopping of the boiler with a solid fire and the maintenance of the service was interrupted.

The contours of the scorched booth will be based on the technology of water "warm pidlogs" and little powerless engineering features, which are required for the design of the opalized possession. By installing a heat accumulator, the circulation and heat transfer starts based on the given temperature sensors, the automatic firing of the burner with the adjustments of the furnace.

The system logs in:

  • heat accumulator of a third-party virobnik;
  • gas-generating solid-burning boiler DM-Stella;
  • pellet bunker for 1.4 m3 with primus pellet feeding;
  • pellet burner 50 kW;
  • boiler automation with PID-mode;
  • automatic equipment of the spout in the module of a mouthless і mobile connection;
  • a three-way valve for feeding the boiler “ringing” and for low-temperature water treatment for the “heat supply” system;
  • electrical panel;
  • a separate comb with heat transfer pumps.


Engineering solutions

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