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Installation of an automatic pellet burner 300 kW - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Installation of pellet burner 300 kW

DEPUTYCommunal enterprise

SERVICEPellet jacket FOCUS 300


The installation of a pellet burner of 300 kW was carried out on the gas boiler of the communal enterprise, which optimized its vitrati on the volume of the living room. As a result, the economy reached 50%.


Possibility of installing a pellet burner for any kind of boilers is abundant, in which case the establishment of optimization of burning when switching to pellets is especially realized with the primus supply of burned granules and the control system of combustion

The installation of the FOCUS 300 burner is all the necessary features to zoom in on the transition to a larger type of burner. Independently from the general quality of the pristіy, it is characterized by a high KKD, which is weakly available in other modern systems.

The pellet burner has practically no competitors. Granules are made from silky and rural entrances, so there may be a low rate. The installed opaluvannya posobnannya is equipped with an automatic dispenser and feeding of pellets.


Dosvid modernization boiler

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