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Modernization of a utility boiler room 500 kW - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Virobnich boiler house 500 kW

DEPUTYVirobniche enterprise with high energy services.

SERVICEPellet dressing suit FOCUS 500 Dodatkove possession


The peculiarity of the given project of our fahivtsi takes into account the fact that the deputy mayor will need competent reengineering of the existing boiler room and the adjustment of the KKD. The automatic installation of the robot has become an important vimoy.


The Danish project includes the modernization of the modern boiler room with the addition of the improvement of efficiency and replacement of the old summer fires. The foreground development was caused by the great vitratic fire and unstable parameters, as well as the need for continuous presence and control of the robot. As a result, opaluvalnoe possession was realized as an automatic system.

  • replacement of retort blades on torches;
  • installation of an annex for an automatic cleaning and vivid song;
  • replacement of the system of feeding the wood (pellets);
  • installation of fixed screens.


Engineering solutions

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