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Modernization of a communal boiler room 500 kW - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Industrial boiler room 500 kW

CustomerManufacturing plant with high energy consumption.

ServicePellet burner FOCUS 500 Optional equipment


Our specialists consider the peculiarity of this project to be the fact that the customer needed a harmonious reengineering of the existing boiler house and an increase in its efficiency. Fully automatic operation of the equipment has become an important requirement.


This project included the modernization of the existing boiler house in order to improve efficiency and replace obsolete pellet burners. The previous solution was distinguished by high fuel consumption and unstable parameters, as well as the need for constant presence and control of work. As a result, the heating equipment was realized as a fully automatic system.

Work performed:

  • replacement of retort burners with flare burners;
  • installation of an automatic cleaning and ash removal device;
  • replacement of the fuel supply system (pellets);
  • installation of protective screens.

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