Heating without gas: which pellet boiler is suitable for modification pellet burner

Due to the constant increase in the cost of energy resources provided for the use of the population by utilities, Ukrainians are more and more interested in heat without gas. Owners of individual houses are thinking about installing pellet equipment and switching to heating without gas. It can be a conventional solid fuel pellet boiler, adapted to combustion of granular fuel using pellet burner Focus.

Manufacturers, including the brand FOCUS, emphasize that the pellet adapter does not require any structural changes to the boiler. It is installed in the firebox door. As a result, not only the efficiency is increased due to the flare technology and the volumetric combustion of the fuel, but the user also gets rid of the need to constantly add fuel. In fact, ordinary heating equipment becomes a long-burning boiler, in addition to functioning completely autonomously and controlled by climate control.

At the same time, it is obvious that there are some nuances. One of them is the fact that heating without gas on pellets at cost per kilowatt is much cheaper. Namely, in terms of financial costs, it is 50 % more economical than gas for the population. Things to consider if you want to install a pellet boiler.

Solid fuel boiler no need to change

If you have any of the types of floor-standing boilers, including gas. It can be converted to pellet fuel. In our conditions, solid fuel boilers are most often modified.

Buy boilers with two doors

If you want to switch to pellet fuel, but have access to cheap firewood, or if you want to keep backup heating, the pellet boiler should have two doors. A pellet burner will be installed in one, and firewood or coal can be loaded into the other as needed.

The boiler output is only relevant in relation to the size of the heat exchange circuit

Many buyers ask our specialists about the matching of the power of the selected FOCUS pellet burner and the boiler. Of course, it is desirable that the powers are comparable. But this has more to do with the useful design of the heat exchanger for the preparation of the hot coolant. This can be a chamber for heating air. The classic is a water heat exchange circuit connected to radiators and a fan heater.

The efficiency depends on the design of the boiler heat exchange circuit

The efficiency will depend on the characteristics of the heat exchanger. Depending on the design of the boiler, it will heat up directly during combustion. It can also be heated by combustion products (condensation gases). A modern pellet boiler implies the most efficient extraction of heat from fire and combustion products. This is provided by the model of the already installed and purchased boiler.

For example, let's take a Lithuanian industrial-grade Kalvis boiler. Its design is designed specifically for the extraction of heat from condensation gases.

Kalvis solid fuel boiler buy
Kalvis boilers are very popular among industries. They have high efficiency due to their design. On the one hand, this is equipment of a mine type (long burning), on the other, a boiler, which maximally "takes" heat from the combustion products. However, you can buy a solid fuel boiler with a higher efficiency that the FOCUS brand offers.

Heating without gas: is it possible to connect pellet burner to a brick boiler?

Many amateurs who are already familiar with heating will note that Lithuanian boilers are similar to Rusinov's miracle oven... Her project was once published in the Levsha magazine. With its compact size, the boiler stove is capable of heating a house of 250 cubic meters. In the figures, we have shown its design.

Rusinov heat exchanger: heating without gas
Rusinov's heat exchanger provides economical heating without gas

Under what conditions can a pellet burner be connected to a brick boiler:

  • with a suitable supporting brick structure, capable of withstanding, in addition to elevated temperatures, minor vibrations. They appear when performing mechanical work with combustion products;
  • with a heat exchange circuit made of thick metal, especially located in the flare combustion zone.

In other words, to connect a pellet burner, technical conditions must be met. They are more realizable when using ready-made metal boilers. Pellet heating without gas has a high power and requires appropriate equipment.

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